Fight for the right

Do you want to become a rich person? Do you want to become popular? Do you have dreams? If yes, then get ready for the war. You’re born not to be a slave but to be a king. You’re here not to sleep but to work. Being a rich and a popular person is not […]

Blind motivation for you

I want to design my life in my own way. It’s my great desire. However, I have excuses too. I have less knowledge, I have no money in my pocket, I am not a proffessional. Moreover, I don’t have a team, I’m alone. But Do you ever have thought of the person who can’t see […]

You can do it

World’s population is increasing rapidly and the competition as well. You’re lagging behind, and your dreams as well. There seems no hope for success. Not one believes in you. You’re going to quit now. But, wait. I believe in you and your dreams because I too have dreams and I respect those who follow their […]

How to become popular among people

“How to become popular among people?” is a question that arises in the mind of every second person in the world.  However, when they came to know the reality 90% of them give up their ideas. Let me tell you one thing, the population of the world is increasing rapidly. This is leading to increase […]

How to make friends online

Human is a social being. We like to have in a company with others so as you. However, there are people who spend their whole life without friends because most of them didn’t know “How to make friends”. Social media is on the boom and every person is connected with each other through it. This […]

How to make relationship stronger in 2019

We are living in a fast moving world and no one has enough time to spend it with their loved ones. In order to make your relationship stronger you’ll need to spend time with them. Either you’re parents, girlfriend, boyfriend or just friends, you have to keep your relationship in good condition. This post will […]

The relationship story

The world is emerging very fast. Also, the competition has increased very much. However, some people forgot their work and just appreciate others. They just try to be in a relationship with everyone. But, they often failed to do so. This story based on such people, with a great message for you. Read and explore […]

Two short moral stories you should read

Here are two short moral stories for you. These stories will add values to your life. These stories are new and you have never heard these stories in your life. in addition, there’s one question waiting for. First Story: The pigeon and the sparrow (short moral story) Once there was a pigeon. He was very […]

The man and the wolf amazing story

The man and the wolf is an amazing story, showing the relationship between a human and the animals. The man and the wolf story. This amazing story can make your weekend more happy and joyful. There’s a simple question waiting for you. Read this amazing story and enjoy. Don’t forget to share. The man and […]

Valuable quotes: 10 simple and sweet quotes for you

Hey guys, I have come up with new quotes. You’ll find them interesting. I hope these quotes will be useful for you. And of course, there’s a sweet and simple question waiting for you. Simple and sweet quotes: Problems are your friends. You’ll be going to cry for them when they’ll leave you. You yourself are […]