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The wishing tree

Published On: 10-Sep-2018

There was a beautiful village. The people were so happy and kind. There was a weaver in that village, who was very famous for his work. People love the clothes he made. He was making a huge profit


The salt story

Published On: 08-Sep-2018

Once upon a time, there was a washerman. He was very hard working. Picking clothes from different houses and taking it to the river and washing it was his daily routine.

He had a donkey,


The generous king

Published On: 07-Sep-2018

The king of Roman empire was very strong and powerful. He had won many battles and conquered many kingdoms. His name was Leonardo.

Maras was another king whose kingdom was conquered by th


Mariam: The story of a brave girl

Published On: 04-Sep-2018

When it happened they were in deep sleep. Suddenly, she woke up and shouted 📣 , "🔥 Fire! 🔥 Fire! 🔥 Fire!". Her mom and dad got up upon hearing her shout. The house was on 🔥


The story of a village

Published On: 03-Sep-2018

There was a 🏠🏠 village located between the mountain range. The king of that 🏠🏠 village was very Good. He always took care of everyone in his 🏠🏠 village. It was a small 🏠🏠 vi


The story of three fishes

Published On: 01-Sep-2018

There was a beautiful Lake which was connected with the river. The lake was surrounded with beautiful trees. The flowers were spreading their fragrance in the environment. There were many colorful


The delicious strawberries

Published On: 31-Aug-2018

👨 Fred was very 💝 fond of 🍓 Strawberries. He lived in a town known as JamesTown. But his town had no 👴 farmer who could grow and sell 🍓 strawberries. He always have to went to the ne


A day as a king

Published On: 30-Aug-2018

Once upon a time there was a king who ruled on a vast kingdom. He was loved by almost everyone in his kingdom. Some people said, "What a lucky person he is on the earth". The king had a l


Time to fly away

Published On: 29-Aug-2018

Once there was a bird who had built her nest in the fields of corn. He had two children who were small to fly. The Bird went in search of food everyday. When she came back home she feed her childre


Sweet example

Published On: 23-Aug-2018

Hiding in the kitchen he was doing something that shocked his father. Micheal who was eating sweets from the Refrigerator. His father scolded him for this act. Micheal was very fond of sweets. But,


The sign board

Published On: 19-Aug-2018

It was a busy street. And he was sitting on the road side. He was wearing black goggles with a stick in his hand. A small container was placed at a little distance away from him. The container cont


Can you point out the mistake?

Published On: 17-Aug-2018

He was lying on his bed. Tears were rolling down of his eyes. His face was grown pale. He was doubting his skills. He was rejected by the people. What had happened to him? He was not good as much a


The lost battle

Published On: 13-Aug-2018

Sitting inside the cave she was thinking that what had happened to her. She wasn't fired from the job or she hadn't lost her Smart phone. Instead, She had lost her whole kingdom while defen


Life saving ship

Published On: 09-Aug-2018

When he opened his eyes he found himself on a ship surrounded with few people. He was feeling hungry and there was a little bit pain on his back. He was having a lot of scars and half burnt hand. W


The powerful snake

Published On: 07-Aug-2018

In the darkness of grassland, there lived a snake. He always choose to kill and eat the rats, frogs and small insects. He was very proud of him. He thought that he is the powerful creature on the e


Four friends forever

Published On: 05-Aug-2018

There was a dense forest. Where lived three friends. A deer, A Mouse, and A Tortoise. They had a fixed place where they always meet. One day A crow came and said, "Can I be your friend?"


The heir of the kingdom

Published On: 04-Aug-2018

In a kingdom, there ruled an Intelligent King. He was now grew old. He had four daughters. He doesn't trust his ministers. And wanted to hand over his kingdom to one of his daughter. But he alw


The missing toe of the king

Published On: 02-Aug-2018

In the city of Petra there ruled a king. He had a minister who was intelligent, royal and most of all he was an optimistic. He took everything easy. The king was fond of wild hunting. One day he we


The pumpkin reward

Published On: 31-Jul-2018

Once upon a time in a village there lived two farmers. Taro was very hard working, happy and intelligent. On the other hand, Sam was Lazy, Cogitative and Worthless. He was jealous of Taro. He alway


The Other Side

Published On: 30-Jul-2018

A father was reading a magazine and his little daughter Suzan was distracting him. Suzan was just 6 years old, and was not allowing her father to read a single line of the magazine completely.


Goodness Meal

Published On: 28-Jul-2018

Long years ago, in an old village there lived a woman. Everyday she cooked food for her family member and an extra meal for the poor and hungry passers. She kept the extra meal on the window sill o


The legitimate time

Published On: 27-Jul-2018

Margret came back from school and she got freshed and started watching T.V.

Her mom said, "Margret please complete your homework first". Margret replied, "Mom, I will compl


The Golden Book of Treasure

Published On: 24-Jul-2018

He was poor. He used to live with his parents. He was 10 year old boy. His name was James. His village was near a dense forest. One evening he was playing hide and seek with his friends. To hide, H


The Slave and The Lion

Published On: 23-Jul-2018

In ancient Rome, a rich man had a slave. The man was very cruel to him. The slave was looking for a chance to escape from him. One day, he got a chance and somehow succeed in escaping from there. H


The butterfly story

Published On: 20-Jul-2018

Connor was a 10 year old boy. He loved watching beautiful butterflies in his garden. He was having a keen desire to see the cocoon transform into a beautiful butterfly. One day he got the chance. W


The answer sheet

Published On: 18-Jul-2018

The teacher was announcing the English result. Rosey was trembling with fear, because she knew that she hasn't performed well in the Exam. The teacher was very angry on her

and said,


The story of a clever fox

Published On: 18-Jul-2018

One day a Lion entered into a dense forest. He was very hungry and was ready to hunt the animals. On his way he suddenly saw a fox who was coming towards him. The lion immediately pounced on the fo


The story of a dishonest farmer

Published On: 17-Jul-2018

Once upon a time there was a farmer. He was dishonest and very lazy. Due to his laziness, his field was not having lump sum crops. One day he decided to steal small amount of crops from his neighbo

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