7 best ways to work in the discipline and achieve big in life

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Work is important to move ahead in life, but ‘work in the discipline’ is more important to go big in life.

Everybody works, but not everybody works in self-discipline. Some people work due to pressure from the superior and some work for the motive to beat others.

But, to achieve big in life, you have to become better every day. You have to beat yourself every day.

Never focus on others. You’re not doing it because of them.

“If it’s not gonna matter in the next 5 years, don’t spend more than 5 minutes being upset about it”

This simple quote applies to the people as well. If they aren’t going to be with you in the future, ignore them, and focus on your work.

As days are passing, I’m losing my patience because I have many goals to achieve this year.

I know it’s just the starting of the year, but this thinking has led me nowhere in the previous year.

Thus, I decided to work from day one to accomplish my goals till the end of this year.

The big thing I’ve realized during my journey is that you have to be self-discipline to achieve your goals.

But the problem was that I wasn’t able to keep myself in the discipline due to many reasons.

After, brainstorming I’ve discovered some effective tips that will help you work in the discipline and achieve big in your life.

1.     Calculate your time

work in the discipline

What are you talking about? Calculate your time?

Yes, you have to calculate your time.

Take a piece of paper and write the time you spend doing things like chatting, working, learning, watching TV, etc.

(Be true to yourself).

Now, compare the time you spend working vs. the time you spend doing other less important activities.

After comparison, you’ll be shocked to know, that you’re not working that much to achieve your goals.

I’ve tried the same method, and I was disappointed with myself because I thought I was a hard-working man, but the truth was something else.

Then I decided to change my schedule, reduce my less important activities to focus on more important work.

2.     Make a schedule

work in the discipline

You have to make a schedule based on the data you get from the above point.

Keep your schedule simple and neat

Keep activities, which are important and discard others.

Next, assign a fixed time for each activity.

Pro tip: When you sit to complete your work, always set a timer, it will push you to work faster. Don’t worry it won’t impact your performance unless you don’t think about the deadline.

Focus on the work and, please don’t always watch the timer.

3.     Strengthen your mind

Self-discipline needs practice.

It starts from the mind, followed by your body. So, the first thing you need is to make your mind ready for the pain of discipline.

Yeah, self-discipline gives pain because it won’t allow you to distract, enjoy, and entertain yourself.

That’s why it’s not easy for everyone to achieve their goals. How to make your brain stronger can help you strengthen your brain.

4.     Take the first step

The important step is the first step that you have to take. I know it’s hard to take the first step.

But once you’re addicted to your work, it won’t be difficult anymore.

5.     Don’t think too much.

In short, don’t overthink any matter. It consumes much energy from the body.

It makes you lazy and less productive.

But, you can think about yourself as a productive and active person. Emitting positive energy will reflect on you, making you the person you wanted to be.

You can learn more about the law of attraction in The secrets by Rhonda Byrne.

6.     Autobiography

You can read the autobiography of people who have achieved big in their life. You can learn valuable lessons from their life.

You’ll get to know that almost all of them have worked in discipline to achieve their goals.

Such books will inspire you to take action that will ultimately develop your self-discipline power.

List of biographies you can read

There’s more to do in less time. You have to realize this fact so that you feel the fear of losing your dreams and get to work as soon as possible.

7. Be accountable to someone

work in the self discipline

What does it mean to be accountable?

It simply means that you have to report your performance to someone you trust. It may be your friend, your family member etc.

Accountability increases your responsibility towards your own work, it pushes you to take necessary actions and get your work done before the deadline.

I’ve a friend and we share each other’s working hours weekly to check who worked for longer and completed more work. We receive 10 points for 1 hour.

The winner gets a chance for special treatment. Fortunately, I’m winning till now.

But the best part is, I’ve been able to accomplish my goals on time.

This is truly an effective way to stay in discipline and get your work done.

Self-Discipline is necessary if you wanted to go big in life. Time runs off faster than you think thus act now.


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