What things are stopping you from improvement?

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Are you looking for an improvement article? Then please leave because this post is all about the reasons that are holding you back from improvement.

If you’re still reading this post, it simply means that you accept that something is really stopping you from improving. Don’t worry this stuff has even troubled me a lot.

So, what are the things that are stopping you from improvement? The answers are simple but many of you may have forgotten it but don’t worry your friend newtan is here for you.

Let’s get to it and explore everything in depth.

Procrastination is the leader

girl procrastinating

Yes, you heard it right. Procrastination is the leader which is stopping you from improving – your life, your mind, your work and much more.

Even I procrastinate most of the time, but I know some ways that help me to tackle it easily. I would like to share it with you.

But before we do so let’s know why people like you and me procrastinate?

The reason is simple, improvement means change and our brain resists any change because it’s main work is to protect you.

Change seems a danger to it – which leads to procrastination and laziness (discussed in the next point).  

Let’s get to know how you can tackle procrastination:

  • Learn to control your mind. Meditation can help you.
  • Learn self-discipline – it’s hard but you have to do it anyhow.
  • Increase your will power.
  • Switch your mind on the other task if you have finished one.

Everything is within you – you just need to walk through your soul to get all the answers and it could be possible only if you have the desire to do so.

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Ah! How can we forget Laziness?

lazy girl needs improvement

There’s nothing new at this point. Both of us know that laziness is the time killer and it blocks all our ways of improvement.

Let’s take my case: I often search for new things to learn more and grow more – and often end up getting new knowledge but then my laziness starts.

My mind says, “Now you know the best thing that works – just relax now and start your work from tomorrow”

 And I do the same and start my work after 3 days (Ha Ha Ha…). How crazy I am?

I think most of you face the same problem in life. So, now let’s discuss some of the best points to end laziness forever.

  • Make a working schedule: I often work without making any schedule because following a schedule is hard, but I think the schedule works best for everyone because it creates urgency and binds you in the responsibility of completing your tasks.
  • Exercise every alternate day: I never exercise at all (Just kidding). Exercise is an important part of life – it keeps you active and healthy. It improves blood circulation and ends up laziness from the body.
  • The best way to exercise is to do it every alternate day. You don’t need to exercise daily. Why?
  • It’s because your cracked muscles need time to repair.
  • Do physical activities: It’s the alternative of exercise. If you can’t do exercise – do some physical activity to keep your mind and body active.

Even in your spare time don’t sit freely keep doing some work (I’m not talking about watching TV and all because it makes you lazier) – do some creative activities such as painting, writing, etc.

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Lack of thinking

things are stopping you from improvement

Yes, most people never ever think about improvement. Their life is not running smoothly – they realize it but never think to improve it.

I know you think a lot about your life (after all you’re my friend. lol). You have to think like a pro, try to find new ways of improvement.

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Everything starts with just thinking and turn into reality later. People resist change and most of them know that improvement in self can change a lot but they never take the first step.

I don’t know why people like to live in an imaginary world.

Maybe because the imaginary world gives peace and pleasure – do remember that it’s all fake and nothing could be received without hard work and improvement.

Lack of time

things are stopping you from improvement

Lack of time? Seriously?

Probably not, because everyone has 24 hours in a day. You shouldn’t complain that you don’t have time for improvement. It’s foolishness.

A person who seriously wants to change and improve will spare time for it. You need to love the process of change from the heart – to make it possible.

I can understand if you got a lot of office work to complete – you don’t get enough time for learning new things. It’s okay.

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Every person takes rest when he is very tired or bored. Most people watch TV and others use a smartphone.

If you can give this time in improvement and learning new things then you’re blessed. Just minimize the use of smartphone and TV. Anyways, life is yours, you’re free to do anything.

Your own mindset stops from improvement

things are stopping you from improvement

What do you think? Is improvement easy?

No, it’s not and you can’t improve yourself at any cost if you can’t change your mindset. I have told this hundreds of times to work on your mindset and change it for some positive stuff.

A negative mindset is the biggest reason why people fail in life and never achieve massive success.

I know many questions arise in your mind when you try something new and 90% of them are negative.

Don’t worry it had happened with me as well, but many things have changed now and I have learned how to take control of my life? And will publish this post soon.

Let’s get back to mindset. For now, just know some tips to change your mindset:

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Final words

This article clearly states that you and only you are responsible for not improving. Everything is in your hands and you’re not using it wisely.

If you don’t want to improve yourself then what others can do for it? Take charge of our life and keep working until you achieve your goals.

Do remember that improvement is a continuous process and you have to keep working for your improvement.

Please share this article if you like it and don’t forget to comment. Have a great day.


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