What does motivation mean to you

What does motivation mean to you

What does motivation mean to you? Is it mean to read the quotes online and forget everything? Why don’t you keep yourself motivated? Don’t you want to give an answer to them?

They’re laughing on you and you’re sleeping with ease. Do you forget the day you have cried? If yes, then you’ll never truly become successful.

The people will keep laughing at you and you’ll never do anything. You can’t seal their mouth because you’re a coward. Motivation is becoming a fashion.

Everybody thinks that reading quotes, post, and watching motivational videos can make them successful. Thus, they watch it daily, eat, sleep, and do nothing for their future.

You’re on the same path. You got only one life and have only one chance to prove yourself and seal the mouth of people who think that you’re nothing.

Your situation is getting worse day by day and you’re watching T.V. Why are you working in your comfort zone? Comfort zone is very dangerous. It makes people think that they are working well.

However, it’s not true because real success expects more than your capabilities. Take inspiration from small things. A small thing makes a huge difference don’t ignore them.

If you want to ignore someone then ignore people who say that you can’t do anything in your life. They don’t know what kind of fire you’re developing inside your heart.

On one hand, your heart makes you lazy and weak. On the other hand, It makes you powerful and courageous person.

heart fire place

Your Heart is a fireplace where all dreams are kept alive.

~ Newtan


No one has ever settled in life because life means struggle, not the settlement.

You have to find your motivation, the same way you look for new opportunity. Keep your goals in your mind, heart, and brain. Keep it alive in every cell of your body.

No one would be able to stop you. People talk rudely with you, just ignore them physically but inside your head, there should be a challenge that you’ll be successful than him or her.

Your time is limited. Don’t waste it in watching T.V and motivational videos. Motivation is inside you. You have to dig it out from your heart.

Your heart is a very powerful tool and organ that can change impossible onto possible one. Moreover, his close friend, help it to achieve its goals.

When they combine and perform joint operations nothing can stop them from achieving their goals.  They’ll stop when they’re done.

Take two minutes and think about what will happen if you’ll not work for your future right now. I think your life will become worse than now. You’ll get more haters instead of follower and lovers.

They’ll tease you more and more, your family member will become one of them. It will increase your stress level; you’ll be sitting in a dark room.

Tears would be rolling of your eyes and you’ll then repent that, why didn’t you work at that time to prove yourself and stick people’s mouth. Stop reading this motivational post and start your work right away.

Don’t  wait for the article to end. Your time is slipping out of your hand. Time is the most precious thing in the world. It can give everything back to you. However, it takes hustle as it’s income from you.

Only you can change your life, others are just here to stop you. When you’ll see progress in your work you’ll need to hire good people who can help you in achieving your goals.

You have to find people who can take your dreams as their dreams. However, you have to work harder than them. You have to keep your team stick together with everyone.

Just stick your mind with an event that motivates you more to work for your dreams and whenever you become lazy just think that event and you’re fire will increase rapidly.

You’ll work faster than before. It really works and important for your dreams. Don’t just sit in front of your T.V do something to change your life.

People who are laughing on you, have a job they work for others but who have to work for yourself. You have to be the king of your own destiny.

You’re already a king you just need to put effort to dig it out from you.

The statue of generous king

When the king moves everybody, bow their head.

~ Newtan


Don’t fear failure. It’s a fuel of rocket, which is taking you to your destination with a rapid speed. Fail more and more and give fuel to your rocket and you’ll get enough to reach your destination.

 Believe in your work because it will change your life. Ignore people because they deserve it. One day they’ll read about you in the newspaper. Tell them to meet in the T.V. soon.

The only difference will be that you’ll be inside it and they’ll be outside with their family and shame.

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