What can you start today that will benefit you for a lifetime?

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It depends on you. Do the same as your heart says. No one has stopped you from doing whatever the thing you like. However, it’s an important question that “What can you start today that will benefit you for a lifetime?”

In order to enjoy the lifetime benefit, you have to put the effort into that work at an equal interval of time. Nothing could be achieved without putting effort. You can start many works from today that will benefit you in the future.

It’s good to listen to your heart. However, sometimes it’s better to take advice as well. Thus, I have shared some useful and important work that everyone should from today onward to enjoy its benefits for a lifetime.

Develop a habit of reading books

It has been rightly said that Books are human’s best friends. Most people have a poor mindset, they say that learning and reading books are all work of students, also it is limited to schools and colleges.

However, it is wrong. Learning never ends and it is not limited to schools and colleges. Learning is an art, which helps to cope with changing the environment.

What can you start today that will benefit you for a lifetime?

Most people have queries related to this point. They often ask me, “What books should we read?” and I simply answer them, “The books you like the most. It could be a novel, a storybook, or a magazine. ” However, ensure that it contains some useful information.

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Students can read their coursebooks as well if they don’t get time to read other books. However, the condition is that you make your subject interesting in your own way.

However, the major question is, “How to develop a reading habit?

Everything becomes easy when you have the courage to pursue it. Here, are some steps that you can follow to make reading a habit.

Step 1: Select a interesting book (e.g. novel, magazine, storybook etc)

Step 2: Read a few pages for a few months (e.g. 4 pages every day for 2 months)

Step 3: Increase the number of pages you read in the past 2 months (i.e. 4 pages to 8 pages)

Step 4: Repeat step 3 until the book is finished.

Learning becomes fun if you know how to make it interesting. Here I have recommended some books that you can read.

Recommended books:
Reading in the Wild: The Book Whisperer’s Keys to Cultivating Lifelong Reading Habits

The Little Things: Successful Deer Hunting Made Easy

How Successful People Think: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

Help people selflessly

Help needy people without any selfish motive. It feels so marvelous when we help someone we don’t know. Everything in the world is a form of energy when you help people positive energy is realized from the body that makes us feel better.

What can you start today that will benefit you for a lifetime?

Do you have faced any situation when there was no hope left but suddenly someone helped you for no reason?

How much happy did you get at that time? I know, no one can describe that moment because you can only feel that moment.

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What goes around comes back. Therefore, you should help others to receive help. Your mind should be free from any selfish thought and bias. We are humans and we should help each other.

However, remember one thing that stays away from bad people, never ever tries to help them because they can create problems for you.

Now you’ll ask me, “Hey! Newtan this will not help for a lifetime.” My friends, I have already told in the intro that you need to put effort at regular intervals in order to receive lifetime benefits.

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Eat healthy food and workout daily

I was fond of fast foods, I eat pizza, burger etc almost every day. However, I got jaundice due to liver weakness. The doctor told me that it’s all happened due to the unhealthy food you eat.

It took me more than 2 months to recover from it. In addition, I said “no” to unhealthy food. Now, I like to eat good and healthy food that I cooked with less oil.

What can you start today that will benefit you for a lifetime?

I have suffered many times because of the unhealthy food. However, I don’t want you to suffer the way I did. Thus, I’m advising you not to eat fast and unhealthy food on a daily basis. You can prefer eating pizza and burgers once a week.

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Eating healthy food will benefit for a lifetime. Here I have shared some benefits of eating healthy food:

  1. Healthy food keeps you strong.
  2. It protects you from diseases.
  3. It helps in developing your muscles.
  4. It keeps your organs healthy and helps in proper functioning.

Hey, wait! Have we forgotten about the workout? I don’t think so.

What can you start today that will benefit you for a lifetime?

The workout is a powerful way to keep the diseases away. You should work out for at least 30 minutes daily. You already know everything about exercise because you have read many articles and watched thousands of videos before coming to this article.

Thus, let me tell you the benefits of daily workout in brief:

  1. Keeps your mind and body healthy and fit
  2. It helps in the development of muscles.
  3. It makes you look good.
  4. It increases your productivity and makes you feel good.

Recommended book: Healthy Eating for Life: An Intuitive Eating Workbook to Stop Dieting Forever

Make a good relationship with people

People don’t remember what you say, they remember what you do. Therefore, you should make a good relationship with the people around you. I know it’s difficult to find good people.

However, if you could find some then don’t allow them to exit from your life easily. I have already written a nice article on this topic “How to make relationship stronger in 2019?

For now, I would just say that never harm anyone and help each other. The good relationship lasts forever and people are remembered for their good work. Moreover, they are less likely to stick to disputes and quarrel.

Recommended book: Four Ways to Click: Rewire Your Brain for Stronger, More Rewarding Relationships

Make investment to grow your money

Investment is an important thing, which people ignore. Investment can give you lifetime benefits. It helps to grow your money. If you know, what is compounding then you can create a great source of wealth.

What can you start today that will benefit you for a lifetime?

However, if you don’t know let me explain to you what is compounding. In general, terms compounding means interest received on interest along with the principal amount.

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Let understand it with an example:

Suppose, you invested $2000 in a company, with an annual interest of 10%, after 1 year the company decided to pay a dividend to the investor. Then you’ll get $200 (10% of $2000) back to your account, however, if you decided to re-invest the dividend.

Now, your principle amount would become $2200 ($2000 + $200), and next year you’ll receive interest on $2200 instead of $2000. If You’ll keep re-investing your money, it would grow worth more than you think.

Now I think you have understood the power of compounding. 

Recommended book: The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need


There’s nothing in the world that will last for a lifetime. You have to put in effort in order to receive benefits from it.

 However, I have discussed some of the major points that could help you in making your future bright. Furthermore, you should follow your heart.

However, one thing I like the most is that the books you’ll read and the knowledge you’ll gain will last for a lifetime. In addition, with this huge knowledge, you can make yours and others live better.

Please share this article with your friends and family members. It could help them a lot.

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