5 advanced ways to get out of depression

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Note: Our content does not constitute a medical or psychological consultation. See a certified medical or mental health professional for diagnosis. The tips shared in this post are based on author’s personal experience.

Every two in three-person are dealing with depression. Before you know the ways to get out of depression. Let’s look at the statistics.

Globally, more than 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression. (Source: WHO)

Depression is truly a hell-state-of-mind, one can experience in his entire life. Many causes such as heartbreaks, trust breaks, discrimination, etc. are responsible for the state of depression.

What happens in the state of depression?

Everyone experiences it differently. But some symptoms are common such as feeling alone, overthinking, negative feelings, and more.

In the state of depression, one can feel alone. They may lock themselves in a room and may overthink about the matter that happened to them.

The people living in this era are more stressed than people were a decade ago.

Even the look and feel of depression have changed significantly – a person may look happy from outside but he/she may be broken inside.

In short, nowadays, it’s hard to find out even if someone has depression or not.

How to protect yourself from getting into a state of depression?

Before you take steps to protect yourself, you have to know the reasons for depressions.

It may vary from person to person, some people are depressed about unemployment, and some are depressed about family matters, love matters, future goals, and more.

You can protect yourself from getting into a state of depression by expecting less from others. “Expectation” is the root factor of depression.

What are the 5 advanced ways to get out of depression?

I went into a state of depression after two consecutive trust breaks by the people whom I’ve loved so much and done everything for them.

It took me several months to recover from that incident. However, I learned the ways to deal with depression.

1.     Forgive people

5 advanced ways to get out of depression 1

Forgive those who did something wrong to you.

It’s not because they’re innocent, it’s because you’re kind and humble. Forgiving eliminates the burden of the heart and helps in reducing your pain.

I know it’s hard to forgive those who did something wrong to you. But for the sake of your health, you have to take this step.

Forgiving simply means that from now on you don’t have to care for them, you have to forget who they are.

In short, you have to learn to be happy alone.

Your success will give them the answer to what you can do.

2.     Find people who love you

get out of depression

“Don’t love people who don’t love you back. Love those who loves you.”


You can fight depression with social support; you have to find a person who was always there for you, he/she may be your old college or school friend, your parents, or any other relative.

Seek them and share your thoughts. Tell them all the worse incidents that happened to you.

Share every small thing that hurts you. This action will reduce the burden on your heart, and you’ll feel a little bit happy.

I’m sure your best friend will help to give you comfort and emotional support.

3.     Focus on learning

5 advanced ways to get out of depression 2

After you get the emotional support, the next thing you have to do is to search for knowledge.

You have to focus on learning different stuff, reading novels won’t help you. You have to read something that gives values such as self-help or finance books.

Why I am saying you to learn?

As fun and enjoyment are part of life, so is learning. Learning gives you the power to control your life, your emotions.

(By the way, you can learn the 10 effective ways to control your emotions)

Learning benefits you in the following way:

  1. You learn how things work.
  2. It boosts your creativity.
  3. It boosts your imagination.
  4. It helps to find your way.
  5. It helps to achieve success in life.

There are more learning benefits. I’m glad for the people who have broken my trust because that’s when I’ve switched to learning.

Since then, I’ve read many books in finance, self-improvement, programming, psychology, dark psychology, personality development.

I’m still learning.

I’ve experienced that nothing can give as much fun and knowledge as a book can.

4.     Control your overthinking habit

get out of depression

Indeed, reading books every day will help you control your overthinking habit.

But it will not be effective in the long run. As soon as you’ll stop reading, your brain will switch back to overthinking.

So, how to deal with overthinking?

Overthinking is also a kind of mental disorder or can create one.

To deal with thinking you have to practice diversification of thoughts. (As we diversify our investment)

What is diversification of thoughts?

It’s a simple technique of replacing your negative and hurting thoughts with some positive ones.

It requires a bit of practice and mental effort.

But once you start doing this practice every day, it won’t be tough anymore. Second, it will make your brain strong.

Third, your positive thoughts will attract similar vibrations from the universe that will make your life prosperous.

5.     Increase your worth

5 advanced ways to get out of depression 3

Some people measure your worth with the amount of money you own.

But, for me, your real worth is the knowledge and skills you own.

Yeah, I know it takes money to make more money. But to earn initial money, you need skills and knowledge.

So, don’t confuse between fake worth and real worth.

You have to focus on three key areas:

  1. Improve your existing skills
  2. Learn new skills
  3. Read books and increase your knowledge.

5.     Work on your goals

5 advanced ways to get out of depression 4

I know you have big goals. Everybody has their own.

And I think depression is the best state to start your work again. You have to make the right choice – choose your goals over depression.

You have to work on your goals so that you can set examples for others.

Your goals are important not just for you but also for the people who depend on you, who trust you.

You have to believe in your guts. You can’t just change your life but of others as well.

Take one small step at a time and keep moving slowly and working for your goals.

Final thoughts

I know it’s hard to take action when you’re in a depression. But, If you’re reading this post, I would recommend that you take small steps.

Example: To read a book, don’t think of reading it. Just think – that you have to turn pages.

Stare at your book and turn pages; maybe accidentally, your eyes can catch some words that will grab your attention, and maybe, may be you start reading that book.

Nothing is impossible, my friend. You can do everything you haven’t yet dreamed of. Depression is just a state of your mind, and of course, you can control it.


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