Two short moral stories you should read

two short moral stories

Here are two short moral stories for you. These stories will add values to your life. These stories are new and you have never heard these stories in your life. in addition, there’s one question waiting for.

Two Moral Stories For You

First Story: The pigeon and the sparrow (short moral story)

Once there was a pigeon. He was very cheerful. He used to live in a dense forest. He had no friends. However, he was very happy. He never felt alone. One day, the pigeon was sitting on a branch of a tree. As usual, he was glancing at the flowing water.

Two short moral stories you should read 1
The pigeon and the sparrow story (short moral stories)

Suddenly, he heard some noise from behind the bushes. He was afraid for a moment but dared to go and check. As he went there, he found a sparrow lying on the ground.

The sparrow was injured. He was crying with pain. The pigeon went near him and tried to comforthim. He said, “Dear friend, don’t you worry I’ll help you.”

The pigeon flew away. He sat on the branch of a big tree and cried in a bold voice. Soon, thousands of pigeons came near flying. They together helped the sparrow. They feed him.

The sparrow was feeling well. The pigeon asked, “How do you got hurt?”

The sparrow said, “I was hurt by my own friends. They think that I’m a fool. Moreover, they think that it’s bad for their status. However, you people have helped me. Thank you so much.”

From that day, the sparrow and the pigeon became good friends and they helped each other and lived happily.

Second story: The road and the man (short moral story)

Two short moral stories you should read 2
The road and the man story (short moral stories)

An old man was very tired. He was walking on the road. A tree was grown up on the road side. The man sat under it. He slept soon.

A disturbing noise waked him up. He opened his eyes and saw around. However, no one was there. The man was about to sleep again. However, that strange voice again hit his ears.

He jumped on his feet looked around but found no one. He said in a fearful voice, “Who’s there? Tell me.”

He jumped came, “It’s me below you.” The man looked down and he was astonished. The road was talking to him.

He jumped said, “Hey, how are you?” The man afraid but said in a low voice, “Hi, I’m good. Thank you.”

The road asked, “You seem too sad.” The man said, “Yes, my friend. I’m very sad. There’s no one in my life. I’m alone.” Tears rolled of his eyes.

The road thought for a moment and said, “Don’t worry dear, I’m alone too. However, I met new people every day. I stick to one place. However, people came to meet me. I give them direction to reach their destinations.”

[He continued….]

“If you’ll give values to people’s life, they’ll connect more with you. I think He jumped follow this rule.”

The old man understood everything the road told him. He made a hut for him. The road on, he used to help every traveler went near him. He feels very happy by serving people.

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  1. I just love your work. It has alot of meaning and value. It speaks alot about life and challenges in life. The sparrow was good because when hurt and in need the pigeon was there to help him regardless he was a sparrow je help. In life we should always be there for someone in need regardless who you are. As for the road and the man it is a great lesson learned. You can take the road and turn your life around. Hope you have a wonderful day. Keep up the good work.

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