How to turn your dreams into reality in 6 easy ways?

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Dreams will remain dreams until you work on it. Do you have any idea on how to turn your dreams into reality?

It takes courage to dream and chase it, which very few people are capable of doing. Your goals are yours and you have to take appropriate actions to make them a reality.

If you’re a person who lives entirely in an imaginary world then you won’t be able to chase your dreams. Imagination is equally important as knowing the reality. Why? Because it works as the source of motivation for you.

It’s important to stay motivated and believe in your dreams, that’s when you learn to take actions. Without actions, you can’t expect better results.

I’m not going to tell you to make a plan and have clear goals and all that old stuff, I know you have already read thousands of post yet before.

Instead, I’m going to focus on some new and best ways to chase your dreams and turn them into reality.

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Be accountable to someone         

be accountable to someone turn your dreams into reality

It’s your responsibility to turn your dreams into reality and no one is going to help out in this process. However, without any outside force, you can’t do it either.

Why there’s a dilemma? See, at first, you’ll have, motivation to work but slowly it would reduce and I’m sure you’ll procrastinate, you’ll become lazy and won’t find interest in your work.

Then, how would you turn your dreams into reality? It’s simple you have to be accountable to someone whom you can submit your daily progress report.

It’s a great way because you’ll become more responsible for your work,

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Your accountability increases your responsibility and urgency towards work and you can easily chase your dreams.

Make sure you choose the right person to whom you can submit your daily progress reports. The person should be strict just like a boss, Lol.

Advice: A teacher is the right person for this purpose. If you have any teacher in close relation, you can take help from him or her. They’ll definitely feel happy to help you.

If you can keep yourself in discipline and become responsible then you don’t need anyone. Oh, come on if you can’t keep yourself on track and disciplined then drop your dreams and go play marbles.

Be fearful, your time is limited

table clock

Your goals are big but time is limited. How will you achieve it? You have to be fearful due to limited time. In simple words, set deadlines for your goals.

Without any deadline, it won’t be possible for you to achieve your goals. Why the deadline is important?

Deadline is important for many reasons such as:

  1. It creates urgency and forces you to complete your work
  2. Your mind bind itself for the task completion
  3. Your fear increases and you try to get things done on time to get rid of the fearful feelings.
  4. You forget what is procrastination and laziness.

Setting a deadline is equally as important as making plans. Let’s take my example: Earlier I just used to set goals without deadlines and work as when I feel better.

Due to this act, I wasn’t able to complete my targets even in 7 days. Can you imagine that? Oh! My god, what I was doing?

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A month passed, and I was at the same place but then I realized that if this will continue I’ll get nowhere in life. Thus, I made a commitment to achieve my targets within a specific time.

The result I got after one month of hard work was shocking; I had achieved all my targets. I had written life-changing blog posts, listened to audiobooks, edited images for Instagram, created inspirational videos for YouTube, Read self-help books and much more.

Fear is good sometimes, as you have seen in my case. So, now I think you have understood that how setting deadlines and having a fear of limited time can be useful.

Now it’s your turn to set your new goals with deadlines.

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Work tirelessly to turn your dreams into reality

turn your dreams into reality by working hard quote

You can’t achieve anything without hard work. If you have, willingness to work like hell then congratulations, you’re already on the way to success.

You may have read many articles that say “work smart” but I think hard work is equally important, then why not work hard with smartness. Confused?

Let’s understand it with an example: Suppose you’re being told to dig some pits. Instead of digging it with your bare hands use spade or JCB machine to make your work easy and fast.

By doing so, you’ll have much time left and you can dig more pits at that time. This example clearly states that you have worked hard (dug many pits) with smartness (Using JCB machine).

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Work like hell,” says Elon Musk. Everybody knows him, he is successful, but still, he works 80 to 100 hours a week.

He has everything then, why is he working so hard tirelessly. It’s because this man is hungry to change the world and improve the lives of thousands of people, and so you should be, at least change your life.

Your dreams are not going to find you, you have to go out and chase them. Don’t wait for the right time because you’re already losing it.

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Go out and connect with people

people hand shaking

Networking is the main factor that people ignore. Think practically, you have to connect with people having similar dreams. How to know if they have similar dreams? It’s simple, talk to them about their dreams and passion.

I know your dreams are yours but, you have to connect with others in order to climb the ladder of success quickly and achieve all your goals. The rule is simple Support them and they’ll support you.

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It is the best way to get some loyal people in your life that can help you to raise high and turn your dreams into reality.

How to connect with people?

The heading should be to stay home and connect with people, I think. Why? Because it’s the internet age where you can connect with people on social media and share your dreams and ideas with them.

(Check out my Facebook group, we have some awesome people.)

You can join any group but make sure that its members have dreams and they are working for it. You have to actively participate in the discussions, but don’t overdo it because you won’t get much time left for yourself.

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You have to be in discipline

man working alone

What is discipline Ah? Is it walking in a queue? Or taking permission from your teacher to go washroom? Oh! come on grow up now.

Discipline is not what you’re taught in schools. It’s completely different from it. I agree that it’s good to take permission from the teacher, and never break the queue.

But what about your career? What discipline am I talking about here ah?

My friend, discipline is a skill that you taught yourself to keep working

  1. When you have no interest but you know that, this can change my life.
  2. When the situation is not in your favor but you know that, it would change if I work.
  3. At nights when everybody is sleeping in your house but you say “No, my morning has just started. I have to complete my targets”
  4.  When everybody makes fun of your dreams.

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Many successful people are out there and they all say, “Discipline is the key to success.” And they’re right. You can lose motivation but discipline can keep you working.

Discipline is not a feeling it’s a lifestyle that is created over time. Working hard right after reading this article is not discipline its the motivation that will wash away over time.

When the person inside you tells to work in the worse situations that’s when you start to develop discipline.

Finally, believe in yourself

man sitting in confidence

Never doubt on you for a second, let people say anything about you and your dreams. Once you have made your mindset to work upon your dreams don’t take your steps back.

You and only you are responsible for your dreams, believe in yourself you can do it. I believe in you and thus stay connected with me (Sign up newsletter).

When people make fun of your dreams don’t be upset because it reflects their character, not your disability.

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One major problem I have seen in my life is that our own people (mostly family members) do not support our dreams, and it hurts.

But just imagine how your life would become when you’ll achieve your goals. Your family members will feel proud. It’s your dream and only you can imagine its ending.

Your family members are not your enemy, you just need to show them the actual results, and they would agree.

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Wrapping up

In the end, I would just say that you could turn your dreams into reality by working hard with smartness, being accountable to someone, keeping yourself in discipline, and finally believing yourself and now I think that you can turn your dreams into reality.

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