How to transform your life?

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How to transform your life completely? A question that often disturbs my mind.

In earlier times, it was not that easy to transform your life completely, the possible reasons may be a lack of resources, lack of knowledge, lack of financial support, and lack of technological reach.

However, some people managed to go big in life and they have achieved the highest level of success in their respective fields.

Some of the big names include Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Abraham Lincoln, J.K Rowling, and many more. Despite their background and lack of resources, they have achieved huge success in life and become an inspiration for millions.

Infographic – More in less

transform your life infographic

Let’s start with the story of a boy, born in poverty but managed to create a Million dollar empire.

A boy, born in poverty become a multi-millionaire

A boy born in poverty used to live in government subsidy houses, at times he and his father went broke after working for many dead-end jobs which gave them neither money nor respect.

The boy never let his problems fortified his mind and through hard work and continuous learning he becomes successful and inspiration for many.

I’m talking about Howard Schultz, the chairman, and CEO of Starbuck, a giant coffee retailer company having 23,000 stores across 73 countries.

According to Forbes, it’s market value is around $85 Billion and Schultz’s net worth is around $2.9 Billion.

Get rid of fear

How to transform your life? 1

The fear is the biggest enemy of yours that pulls your legs every time you decide to start something new.

First, free your mind from any kind of fear so that it won’t become the hurdle in your way.

The fear is of two kinds one is derived by a positive attitude and the other is derived by a negative attitude.

Examples of positive fears:

  1. I have to do it or I’ll lag behind.
  2. I can’t stay broke forever and hope for a better life.
  3. I have to chase my dreams because most people don’t believe me.
  4. The fear is trying to take me down, but I will not give up.

Example of negative fear:

  1. What if I’ll fail? Everybody will make fun of me.
  2. What people will say?
  3. What if I won’t get any results and lost all the money?
  4. What if my best friends will leave me?

What if” it is the biggest fear that you should never feed. Have a positive attitude towards every situation because positive thoughts are like shining stars in the night sky.

The second most important thing, believe in yourself because stronger belief helps to break the chain of negative thoughts in you. 

Don’t be a copy cat

How to transform your life? 2

None of the great achievers has copied others. All of them has made their own ways because they were aware of the saying:

“To make your name, you need to stand out of the crowd”

You can learn from the failures and success of others, you can read various books to gain knowledge but at the end of the day, you have to make your own way.

One more thing to remember that what works for others may not work for you. It may happen with everybody out there.

When people stop copying others, innovations that take place, and this how technology develops, one needs a broad vision to make things happen.

Now, if we are talking about innovation, then let introduce a brilliant book “Zero to One: Notes on startup” written by Peter Thiel.

Peter Thiel is the co-founder of the Pay pal (payment gateway) and Founder of the Palantir (Software Company)

In this book, he has introduced two terms horizontal progress and vertical progress.

  1. Horizontal progress: If you make something from the existing one, you have made horizontal progress. (0 to 0)
  2. Vertical progress: If you’re doing new things and trying to make something that doesn’t exist then you’re making vertical progress. (0 to 1)

Let’s a take a simple example from the book:

Peter says that if you take one typewriter and build 100, you have made horizontal progress but if you have made a word processor, you have made vertical progress.

He also says that vertical progress can be made in the technological field, and this is what start-ups do.

It’s an amazing book and I recommend reading it.

Work is the ultimate truth to transform your life

How to transform your life? 3

Plan as much as you can, analyze the situation, build team, Road map, do whatever the hell you can do. If you’re not initiated to take action nothing would work at all.

 Why work is the ultimate truth to transform your life?

Because it bridges the gap between where you are and where you want to go within the next a few days, months, or years.

Everything depends on the actions you take today. Most people find it difficult to take action because the word “LAZINESS AND TOMORROW” has fortified their minds.

How can you break the chain and transform your life?

You can easily break the chain by learning the art of self-discipline, explained in detail in the next heading keep reading.

Self-discipline and consistency can transform your life instantly

How to transform your life? 4

You watched an inspirational video; you decide to work hard from thereon. You sit at the desk and work and work.

But after a while you lose motivation, now what?

Is it the best way to transform your life? Nope.

So, what to do next?

Here comes the self-discipline. Although it’s very tough to sow the seed of self-discipline in your body, you have to go against your regular behavior and norms, which I think your brain would not like.

Self-discipline means that you stick your mind to the important task and order him not to distract until the work is finished.

The fundamental thing is the word “IMPORTANT,” when your brain knows that something is very important, you do it even if you won’t feel like doing so. You can make it more effective by setting a deadline.

Brian Tracy the Author of “No excuses: The power of self-discipline” writes

Everybody wants the same things in life, they have big goals, a better plan, but before taking actions, they decide to go on vacations called “Someday Isle”

The Someday Isle is the habit of adjourning the work for someday. Example: I’ll read that book someday, I’ll create that program someday, I’ll do that work someday and much more.

But that “SOMEDAY” never comes and people remain at the same place as they were a few years or months before.

Brian Tracy says that 80% of the population lives on the someday isle and to break the chain you need to Vote yourself off the island.

“Make no excuse! Do it or don’t do it – but don’t make excuses,” says Brian.

Now let’s talk about consistency, consistency means that you stick to your goals and work upon them in your own scheduled time.


  1. You decide to record a podcast every Sunday, and you stick to it.
  2. You decide to write a blog post every Friday, and you stick to it.

“If you want to be taken seriously, be consistent”

source: Pinterest

Your learning habits can transform your life

How to transform your life? 5

Learning is an art which a very few people are able to develop. Learning is not limited to school and colleges.

You want to transform your life? Develop the habit of learning.

Learning stops, growth stops.

Behind every successful man, there are many hours of learning.

What are you reading today? Comment below.

I’m currently reading “INFLUENCE: The psychology of persuasion”, for some reasons I haven’t finished it yet, but will do it soon.

Check out this post to learn the lessons of this book (Influence).

Why do you think reading is important?

One of the major reasons behind successful people is the knowledge they possess. As you know, the world is emerging rapidly and to cope with that you need to keep learning.

Well, reading is important for many reasons:

  1. You learn about the innovations taking place worldwide.
  2. It helps to broaden your thinking.
  3. It helps to make complex decisions about life.
  4. In ensures your personality development.
  5. It improves your imagination power.
  6. It makes your brain think faster and better.

Which books to read?

This article will surely help you: 4 life changing books with their great lessons.

People read various kinds of books such as science fiction, philosophies, psychology, finance, fantasy stories, and even fairy tales, etc.

You should read books that attract you more, for instance, I prefer reading self-help books, which shares great knowledge based on real-life problems.

Feeding your mind with good stuff can definitely transform your life and make you successful.

The best thing about your thought is that you can always change them as per your needs, for instance, if you have big goals and broad vision you can read about great achievers, about their personal and professional life.

How they had deal with problems? What was their strategy to work? How they have achieved success?

The answers to these questions will definitely help you to transform your life and give yourself a new meaning.

Final words

You can easily transform your life; you need a burning desire to get your work done timely.

Most people make excuses for not having enough resources. For them, I would just like to say that a man with a keen desire to achieve his goals would do it anyhow; he will not make any excuse.

In fact, nowadays it’s much easier to live your dreams as compared to the past few years.

Various kinds of resources and support materials are available to help you.

You have two options whether you work for dreams or make excuses, nobody cares, but in the end, you have to bear the pain of regret.

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