What are the best tips for success in life?

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Being successful is everybody’s desire and most people do well in life and succeeds, and the best part is that they don’t even learn the tips for success, but it’s not completely true, we’ll know it later. Keep reading.

In this post, I’m gonna share with you 10 extra tips for success that you can implement and become successful in life.

This post gonna take just 15 minutes of your life but it will take you 15 years ahead of your competition because I have mentioned some useful secrets that are hidden from the public.

You have never been told the behind-the-scene story, you’re told the basic success tips that you can apply and become successful, and that’s why most people fail, we’ll discuss later in deep so keep reading.

The first tips for success is “PASSION”


What do you like the most?

I don’t know about you but, I like sleeping and eating. Hahaha! Yeah, man, it’s my passion, don’t laugh.

Well, dude, it’s not just you, it’s everybody’s else passion. Even the highly successful people love this; in fact, warren buffet beside his intelligent investing strategies, he is also popular for eating junk food and drinking coke.

I’m talking about the thing that you like to do when you’re awake. Well, if you don’t know what your passion is, then keep looking for it.

As it has been said by STEVE JOBS

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet keep looking. Don’t settle.”

In fact, there’s one more quote by SIMON SINEK

“Working hard for something we don’t care is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called PASSION”

Both the quotes by these successful men are roaring that FIND YOUR PASSION  FIRST. In order to make the work, the easy HENRI JUNTTILA has written a book “FIND YOUR PASSION: 25 questions you must ask yourself” in which he has written 25 questions that you should ask yourself, to find your passion.

Bonus: one quote from my side:

“If you know what your passion is, then who’s gonna give you stress”

Success tips 2: Don’t just work, figure out statistics


“It’s not about how much wisdom you have but how you use it”

A famous quote by Newtan. Yeah, man, it’s given by me. LOL. Check out here.

Work hard everybody says, but nobody tells behind-the-scene truth. Well, you should make plans and work according to it, no doubt; however, it’s not just about putting efforts and leaving it.

After putting necessary efforts, measure your performance. Most people miss out this step, they never measure their performance, they don’t have enough data to move ahead and ultimately claim “I QUIT”.

As you make plans for the work, so you should do it to measure the performance as well.


Your Target: Write 4 article in 4 days to drive 1000 people to read them.

Suppose you have written 4 articles in 4 days. At the end of the 4th day, it’s time to measure your performance – how to do it? Let’s see

First, you need a blank paper, and write the answer to the following questions:

  1. How many people have read the articles? (Your expectation was 1000 people)
  2. Where they have come from (ex: Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  3. How much time they have to spend reading?
  4. Which is the most liked article?
  5. What comments they have left?
  6. Were they satisfied? (You can ask in the comment, or over social media)
  7. How can I improve more?
  8. How can I add more value?
  9. What things I have not mentioned in my articles?
  10.   Finally, Should I continue writing or switch?

If you got the answers to these necessary questions, it would become easy to make further plans.

Put in the massive effort

putting efforts

Now you have the required performance data, now it’s time to put a massive effort into your work.

Let’s start with some basics tips for success: An average person need to sleep, 8-9 hours. Let’s do some math,

Total hours in a day: 24 hours

Sleeping hours: 9 hours (take max)

Hours left: 15 hours

It can make a huge difference man, if you can put in 15 hours of effort every day, it will definitely make a huge difference in your life.

Well, I know there’s other essential work everyone has to do, ex: bathing, brushing, eating, etc. Yeah, you can take 2 hours for it. Still, you would have 13 hours left.

I personally believe in putting huge efforts (as a success tip) however, for the past a few years I have been doing something, you can check out this article so that you won’t make those mistakes.

Are you doing a 9 to 5 job?

Let me do the math for you as well.

From above take 13 hours

Now, subtract 8 hours

Time left: 5 hours

Do you still think you won’t get enough time to work upon dreams? You need to rethink man.

Tips for success 4: Have definite goals


The famous author Napoleon hills is his book “Think and grow rich” has said, “IDEAS CAN BE TRANSMUTED IN THE FORM OF CASH THROUGH THE POWER OF DEFINITE PURPOSE, DEFINITE PLANS”

By these lines, he wanted to communicate that people have to have definite, purpose, and goals in life. So, that they won’t get off the track and achieve what they want.

However, do remember that it will take time to achieve your goals; you have to be focused on goals and keep putting efforts.

How to make definite goals? No one is gonna tell this success tips.

Well, take out your journal or a piece of paper and write the exact figure you want in life.


Instead of: I want to earn a lot of money.

Use: I have to earn $100,000 (or whatever)

Instead of: I want to drive traffic to my blog

Use: I have to drive 100,000 people to my blog.

In short, you have to use figures so that your strong brain can understand it more clearly.


What are the best tips for success in life? 1

Tips for success 5: Find a mentor

Yeah, man.

You should seek a good mentor who can help you in building your dreams.

Who is a mentor?

A mentor is like a teacher or Guru who gives you direction, shares knowledge and encourages you to move an ahead.

mentor teaching tips for success

Why there’s a need of mentor?

You may be a handsome, beautiful, talented, genius but you may lack discipline. And what mentors teach first is discipline, because without discipline you can’t achieve massive success in life and these tips for success are worthless.

Moreover, a good mentor knows what to do and how to do things the right way. In fact, a mentor can give the best tips for success because he has failed a lot of time and knows how things work best. Finding a mentor is like investing in you.

How to find a mentor?

Find a good mentor. You can seek them anywhere from schools and universities to – in your neighbor.

But the task is difficult man.

Everybody wants a mentor who is very famous, but that’s not possible, a man can’t be present at all the places to help an individual.

The best way to reach those people is to read their books, which contains a lot of information about problems and solutions and money and success and failure and and and… oh, the list would go long.

“If you can’t find a mentor, find a good book”


Ask for the help man

Success tips 6: Ask for the help if you need.

People will not help you until you ask them to do so. Well, most people never ask for help because they think it’s against their ego.

My friend, if you wanna grow, then keep your ego away.

Pro tip: Ask from the people who have knowledge.

Learn to delegate your work

delegation of work tips for success

Do remember this tips for success, it’s really important.

You can’t put all 13 hours working alone. In short, don’t try to do all the thing self.

Instead, you should make delegation a habit, you can delegate your unimportant work (or small work) to other people, they may be your brothers, sisters, cousin, or friends.

What is the meaning of delegation by the way?

Delegation means to assign work along with some authority to other people.

Why delegation is so important?

Well, delegation of work is important for two reasons:

  1. You can focus on the main work
  2. The others will learn from you and maybe in the future, they can handle more of your work (who knows)

Moreover, it will save your time and you can put that time in learning and exploring new things.

Tips for success 8: Kill the desire of results

What are the best tips for success in life? 2

You have dreams, you have goals, and you have made the plan, right?

Now, write everything clearly in your journal and forget about the results. Well, most people fail because they focus more on results and less on work.

The important thing is your work, and you have to think about it.

You should find new ways to improve your working quality. The desire for results create a mirage that makes you lazy, you tend to keep dreaming about the end results with putting any effort.

This is a dangerous situation that you should avoid as much as possible. I know it feels good to dream, but it makes you lazy as well.

What’s the solution?

You can’t stop your brain from thinking, but you can control it by training. When the thought of end results came to your mind just try to shift your focus on your work.

In short, instead of seeing your end results, see yourself working hard to get the desired result. It’s an effective way, you can start from today itself.

Consume more knowledge and apply it

What are the best tips for success in life? 3

One of the best success tips any successful person can give. You have to keep learning and growing this is the success mantra.

Without knowledge you can’t even make a cup of tea, it’s the knowledge that keeps you moving ahead.

But you may have seen many intelligent people who possess huge knowledge but are not successful. Do you know the reason?

Well, the reason is they don’t apply it in life, they have fear of failure. They can give a long lecture without being tried but when it comes to taking actions, they are the ones who ran away first.

When you learn something new apply it and see if it works for you or not.

Remember what I have said in the very first paragraph, successful people don’t read tips for success, but yes, they read a lot of books to gain knowledge and keep growing.

What’s in the box, man?


Most people focus on “what’s in the box?” I mean they peep into other people’s life. These people know nothing about them, but know everything about others.

How these people gonna succeed in life? God knows.

You should hang around with people – you can learn something from, if not stay away from them. Be in your own company and make your life.

You have to focus on your work, people are settling in their life and they have to do nothing with you.

Nobody cares man; you have to care for yourself. You are the one who can make your dreams come true.

Instead of asking “What’s in the box?” Create a box and sell it to them.

These tips for success will not work if you keep looking into other’s life.

Final but most important words

Do you know what? Anyone can become successful in life, it’s totally free. You just need to put in your energy, time, and a little money.

And now you know many great tips for success, you can beat anyone, if you have that level of desire.

Pro tips for success: Results are not visible early; you have to keep watering the tree for years.

Success will come to you, only if you have dared to keep going in the worse situations. Make sure you subscribe newsletter for the latest updates.

What are the best tips for success in life? 4

A book that can make you successful in life, it’s far more important than tips for success you have just read.

In this book, I have written everything that needs a man to be successful. The reasons for failure and out of the box tips for success. The best part is that it also has content on how to convince your parents so that they allow you to work upon your dreams.


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