How to think positive and lead a better life?

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Everybody tells to “think positive” but nobody tell exactly how to think positive that could benefit us.

But no worries, I have come up with a post that will help you on how to think positive and make you feel better.

Happiness and peace are the two most satisfying feelings in the world. If you have these – you’re blessed, but if not then keep reading this post.

Sometimes the situation turned so drastically, which could even break an optimist. Most of you (including me) may have faced such situation, and it became difficult to stay in positive mood.

However, the person who does this is amongst the strongest person in the world. In this post, we’ll discuss the various points that will help you to think positive and stay blessed for the whole life.

Surround yourself with happy people

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One of the key factors – responsible for positive thinking is happiness that most people ignore. Happy people are among the blessed ones and they don’t need any alternative to stay positive and think positive,

Where this happiness does comes from?

Happiness is not a product that you can buy from local store. It’s a feeling which is built within you.

Anything can bring happiness for you. For example, Helping needy people and feeding hungry people etc.

Most people in this world are living under stress and they don’t know how to get rid of it. Stress sows the seed of negativity and it grows and grows.

And the medicine to cure this negativity – that is also within you. All you have to do is to train your mind to digest positive matters.

If you can surround yourself with happy and positive people – you’ll surely start to think like them because happy people ignore any thought that could make them sad.

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Watch real life inspirational stories

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Inspirational stories are mostly based on person’s life that how he has faced many difficulties and raised above– people share their real life experiences that how they have struggled in life and made their way through it.

Such stories inspire us to take actions and tell us that – if they can remain positive in worst situation then why can’t we.

While watching such stories my eyes filled with tears (seriously) and it also filled me with motivation and positive energy.

You can read some inspirational stories here.

You can imagine that how effective these stories are, and our brain believes more on real life experiences.

This is the most effective way that I use personally. Many stories (both in text and video format) are available over the internet – you can watch them in your spare time.

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Listen to what your mind and heart says

How to think positive? ask this question to your mind and heart. They have the better answers for you – because they know you more than anyone else.

Well, for your convenient let me tell you that – your mind and body wants you to listen to both of them.

The best way to  think positive is to believe in what they (heart and mind) believe because it will give you confidence and motivation which ultimately makes you think positive and stay in good mood for longer time.

See, people around you (they may be your family member) always have negative perspective towards others ideas – and they may discourage you and it would be harmful for you.

Thus, I think it’s better to believe in what your mind and heart believes in.

But you can’t heard your inner voice if you’re not calm. And to be a calm person you need meditation.

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The time before sun rise is important

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Yes, you heard it right – the time before sunrise is important because when you wake up early your mind and body are fresh and free of negative thoughts.

At that time you can ask yourself that, “How to think positive? What things can I do to stay positive today?”

Asking such question can help you a lot in developing healthy and positive mindset. Also, you’ll get many different answers to this questions.

What you have to do after you wake up before sun arises?

  1. It’s simple to get fresh.
  2. Go for a walk or jogging (whichever you prefer)
  3. Meditate, because it’s the best way to stay focused and develop a positive mindset.
  4. Start your work with a simple task.
  5. Then, move towards the hardest ones.
  6. If possible, write some affirmations in every 1 or 2 hours to stay motivated and inspired.
  7. You can also watch motivational videos. (But please do it after 1 hour of waking up)
  8. Eat healthy breakfast and you’re good to go.

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Take inspiration from small achievements and positive thoughts

Most people (including me earlier) set big goals in life and it’s good to have bigger goals.

So, what’s the problem in having big goals?

The problem is not in having big goals – but the problem is in the results that you get.

Our expectation is always more than our work and its shouldn’t be like that because your expectation kills.

See, in case if you won’t achieve your desired goals – don’t get disappointed – but collect all the small data you can and see how many small objective you have completed.

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These small objectives are often ignored by people – which leads them to quit – whereas these small achievements keep you motivated and tells you that if you achieve these goals you can achieve anything.

And it ultimately develops your positive mindset, which I think is a good thing.

One more thing I would like to add is “A small positive thought also play an important role in developing a positive thinking, no matter how small”

Final words on how to think positive

Anyone can develop a positive attitude with a little effort. In the end, I would like to remind that “How to think positive” should be asked to your brain and soul because they have the right answer for you.

Positive thinking is important for one more reason because your thinking affect your actions.

And positive thinking can give you motivation and inspiration to work which could easily lead to success. Whereas a negative thought, can lead to failure and cause stress, which is not good for your future as well as health.

Thus, your focus should be to develop a positive mindset and I hope this article has helped you a lot, if so please share it with your friends and family.


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