6 things wise people never do

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There’s a slight difference between intelligent people and wise people.

An intelligent person is one who is better at following the instructions of others.

You may have heard your school saying to the topper of your class; “You’re intelligent.” The class teacher means that the boy or girl is good at following the instructions.

A wise boy or girl will find its own solution or will try to do something creative, but such students never get any appreciation because probably they score less marks in exams.

A wise person feels uncomfortable when it comes to following the instructions given by others.

This was a simple example to demonstrate the difference between the intelligent and wise.

So, what are the 6 things that wise people never do?

1. They do not scream

Screaming is one of the bad habits that ruin your image.

Wise people are silent and never scream on others because of the following reasons:

  1. It may hurt the other person
  2. Screaming may turn into a fight
  3. It’s a bad habit (I’m serious)
  4. For them it’s a childish thing

If the person standing before them is their competitor, they give respect to them also.

They try to learn from them and never fear of losing.

When a person is aware about himself and his competitor, he wins.

What you have learned?

If someone has challenged you in a rude manner, don’t reply with words. Work hard on your goals with enthusiasm and show your results.

Everything and everyone will get on track on their own.

2. They seek pleasure in inexpensive things

Wise people stay away from expensive spending on items that give so-called pleasure.

They seek satisfaction in the following things:

  1. Reading books and magazines
  2. Cooking fast food at home (once a week)
  3. Wear ordinary inexpensive clothes
  4. Watching educational content
  5. Playing brain games

The above listed things might sound boring for some people but it’s a gold mine for wise people.

The pleasure that most of us are seeking in today’s world – running after the material items such as smart phones, social media entertainment content etc are hoax.

Yeah, such things give pleasure but it won’t last for longer.

You should never run for things that give short-term pleasure but satisfaction.

What is satisfaction?

The inner happiness that last for longer time is called satisfaction. It is not easily manipulated by external factors.

You have to decide about doing things that gives you satisfaction.

3. They do not compete with others

Wise people actually compete with other but in a slight different manner.

You can call it a healthy competition.

What does healthy competition means?

Healthy competition means that two opponent grow together rather than competing against each other.

I admired such healthy competition because it eliminates the emotions of jealousy and ensures faster growth of both the parties.

In most cases, wise people compete with themselves and not with others.

They know that no one is less or more than others are.

So, there’s no point in competing with others.

4. They’re obsessed with reading

Wise people are keen learner and they’re addicted to reading growth related content.

They spend every second either working, resting or learning.

The power of knowledge benefits those who understand it. Reading good content gives wise people fair advantage over others.

5. Wise people are health conscious

Wise people never compromise their health for anything be it money, business, or success.

A healthy person indeed can become successful but an unhealthy person can’t.

The wise decision is to choose your health between health and money.

Investment in your health can give better returns.

Wise people take care of both physical and mental health.

Your physical health can be maintained by following proper diet, routine exercise, and yoga. For mental health, you can read growth related content, brainstorm and observe.

6. They favor brain more than emotions

Sometimes there’s a conflict between your brain and emotions and most of the time your emotions take control of your mind and body.

And wise people are not untouched of it.

They have also faced such situation in their life. But gradually, they trained their mind to take control over their emotions.

Knowledge can help you win your emotions.

The more you read and practice silence, the more aware you become.

This process can certainly make a vast difference in your life.

I’ve seen that most of the crucial decision taken with emotions have created problems for many people.

Especially, in financial decisions.


If you possess some or all of the above characteristics then you’re wise.

We have talked about the slight difference between the intelligent and wise people. I would like to add one more point at the end.

Wise people always know that they’re going to win and nobody can defeat them.

They prefer hard work rather than shortcuts. Everyone has the characteristics of both intelligent and wise.

We don’t always need to create our own path to follow, sometimes we have to follow the predefined paths.

The words intelligent and wise are used alternatively. None of the words is less or more than other.

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