The wrestling match


A wrestling match was going on. There was noise everywhere. A man with less height was watching it. He was very thin.

He went there with his friends to watch the wrestling match. However, he didn’t like wrestling.

Sharp was his name. He was reading a book. As the noise increased, he stopped reading his book. He tried to watch the wrestling.

It was 22:00. A wrestler was very big in size. His biceps and triceps were looking tough.

Sharp’s friends were enjoying that a lot. Gradually, Sharp started taking interest in the wrestling. A wrestler beat another one. Sharp shouted, “Woo! That’s a good one.”

His friends shocked and stared at him and all of them laughed together. After that, sharp joined his friends and they shouted each time a wrestler beats the other one.

Soon, sharp felt hungry. Nevertheless, there was nothing to purchase on his side. However, there was person selling some food and beverages on the other side.

Sharp said, “My friends, I’m going to purchase food and beverages for us. It will make our joy twice.”

His friends, “Okay dude.”

Sharp got up and walked to the other side. He purchased some foodstuff and beverages.

He was on the way back to his seat. Suddenly, a wrestler grabbed him and pulls inside the ring.

The refry and people run to protect the sharp. However, sharp stopped them.

The wrestler said, “I challenge you. Come on fight with me. When I was about to lose the match you were shouting a lot. Let me teach you a lesson.”

Sharp was afraid. However, he calms down himself. He accepted the challenge. The wrestler was twice the size of sharp.

The match began. Instead of attacking, sharp started parsing the wrestler. He said, “Oh, Great wrestler. You’re very strong. There’s no one stronger than you. Do you know? Your muscles are very hard. When you fight it looks like that a Lion is going to hunt. You’re great.”

The wrestler heard these lines and he got emotional. The wrestler closed his eyes. Sharp got a chance to defeat him. He went near his legs. Grabbed them and pulled.

The wrestler was down. He couldn’t get up because of his size. Sharp has won the match. His friends and other people went to cheer him up. Everyone congratulated him.

This was the best day of his life. He has tackled an unexpected event with his brain and knowledge.

Problems are unexpected. However, we should always be ready to tackle them. Mental power is greater than physical power. Learn to use both the power. Keep learning and stay aware of your surroundings. No one knows what the upcoming time will bring for us.

By Newtan

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Mental power and physical power both r necessary bt sometimes by mental power we can defeat the person who have strongly physical power…amazing story

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