The wishing tree

Tree pic

There was a beautiful village. The people were so happy and kind. There was a weaver in that village, who was very famous for his work. People love the clothes he made.

He was making a huge profit from it. He was proud of his loom. Unfortunately, one day his loom cracked and he got unhappy.

His village was surrounded by forest. So, he went to the forest to took out the strong woods. He looked for the strong tree.

After 5 minutes of searching, he found one. And took his Axe to cut down that tree. As soon as he took his Axe to cut it.

The tree spoke out, “Stop, please don’t cut me”. The weaver got surprised and as he looked up. He found that the tree had a face and two hands.

The weaver took his steps back and asked, “Why? I need wood to make my loom”.

The tree said, “If you’ll leave me. I’ll fulfill your one wish”.

The weaver thought for a minute and said, “I need one day to think over it”.

The Tree agreed. The waver went back to his village. Without wasting his time he went to his best friend and told the whole story to him.

His friend said, “You should wish for Golden coins”. The weaver said, “Okay, I’ll ask my wife”.

The weaver went back to his home. He told everything to his wife. His wife said, “No, just think for a moment, if you’ll wish for two head and two hands, you can work faster and earn more profit”.

The weaver thought that his wife is right. The next day he went to the same place to make his wish from the tree.

The tree asked, “What’s your wish?” The weaver said, “Please, give me one more head and two more hands”.

The tree granted his wish and the weaver got two head and two more hands. He was very happy and went to his village.

When the villagers saw him. They thought that he is a monster and they started beating him with sticks and stones. Due to vigorous beat, the weaver died.

Moral of the story

You should have critical thinking. Think over and over again before any decision. Keep in mind that your decisions shouldn’t harm you.

Sometimes, when you believe in other decisions, you face problems. You should be able to think of your own

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