The story of three fishes

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The story of three fishes is a friendship as well as an eye-opener story that will open your eyes. Read and explore.

There was a beautiful Lake which was connected with the river. The lake was surrounded by beautiful trees.

The flowers were spreading their fragrance in the environment. There were many colorful aquatic animals, of different shapes and size. If you’ll see this place, you’ll never Gonna leave it.

This is the story of three fishes who were best friends. Larin who was a wise and intelligent fish.

Marin who was a blue and yellow color medium in size fish. Carin who was a female and wise fish.

They always like to talk about the place where they live. And why not? though it was beautiful. Since the lake was surrounded by trees, it was almost undetectable.

There was a village few miles away, where lived some fisherman. Daily they went in the river to catch fishes. It takes them 2 hours to reach the river.

One day, the fisherman changed their way back to home and discovered that lake which was near to their village.

They were very happy it was just half-an-hour away from their village. One of them said, “Friends, we’ll come here to catch fishes instead of the river, it’s close to our and full of different kinds of fishes”.

The other said, “Yes, we will”.

Larin heard their conversation and went to his other two friends and said, “My friends, the fishermen are going to catch fishes here, I think we should move to another place”.

Carin agreed and said, “Okay! dear we will go deep inside the river”.

The story of three fishes

But Marin didn’t agree and said, “I don’t think that we need to go anywhere, my luck is with me and no one can kill me If you want you can go but I’ll stay here”.

Larin and Carin tried to convince Marin but he didn’t agree. Larin and Carin left the lake that night and Marin stayed there.

The next morning, fishermen came. They caught fishes which were enough to feed the whole village.

And they went back to their homes. Marin wasn’t caught in the net and his proud on his luck increased.

It happened for three days. On the fourth day, when one of the fishermen threw his net in the lake, Marin got caught in it and the fisherman pulled it upwards.

Marin died. The fisherman took it back to the village, fired and ate.

Moral of the story

Your hard work can only change your life. Luck has no existence in this world. Those who depend on luck lost everything and sometimes their life also.

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