The story of sign board

The sign board with thank you message

It was a busy street. And he was sitting on the road side. He was wearing black goggles with a stick in his hand. A small container was placed at a little distance away from him. The container contains some coins in it. There was a sign board near him which reads “I’m Blind. I need help. Please donate to help me”.

Gesseler had a special quality that he easily remembers the man to whom he met. He was coming continually from 5 days to that street, to beg for the help. But, everyday he went back with only few coins. He was very upset of being not getting help from the people.

One day a gentleman came and he put some coins in the container and changed the sign board with different sentence and went away. After that A large number of people started coming and after reading the sign board they put a lot of money in the container. Upon hearing the jingling of coins Gesseler became happy.

One day when Gesseler was sitting on his usual place, a man came and Gesseler recognized him. He was the man who had changed the sign board. Gesseler asked, “what you have written on the sign board?” The man said, “I have just changed the sentence with, – ? Today is a beautiful day but I can’t enjoy it ?”.


? Beautiful message ?

Nature has created this world so beautiful. We should thank God for everything he has given to us. Work has no end, but we should enjoy our life. Nature gives the real peace.

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