The story of pumpkin

The pumpkin

Once upon a time in a village there lived two farmers. Taro was very hard working, happy and intelligent. On the other hand, Sam was Lazy, Cogitative and Worthless. He was jealous of Taro. He always search for the ways to stoop Taro.

Taro’s Hard work paid off and within few years he had grown very rare pumpkin. The pumpkins had the shape of elephant, also has the colour of honey and its smell was telling that the pumpkins were very tasty.

Taro thought, “This would be a great gift for the King”.


Next day he took the pumpkin and went to the palace where he placed the pumpkin in the feet of the king. The king was very happy to see such rare pumpkin. In return The King gave an elephant as royal reward to Taro.

When Sam heard this news, he felt jealous of Taro and thought, “If the king has given an elephant to Taro then, if I will gave something bigger than pumpkin, then the king might gave me one or two village as royal gift”.

Thus, he sold all his farms, cows, goats and even his house and purchased an elephant to give it as a gift to the king. He present it to the king.

The king thought, “why a man wanna give me an elephant?” and he ordered his ministers to investigate this matter also what reward should be given to this person.


After talking to Sam the minister came to know that it’s the envy that lead him to give elephant as gift to the king.

The ministers advised the king that, “If an elephant is given as reward in return to pumpkin, than a pumpkin should be given as reward in return to elephant”.

When the pumpkin was given to Sam. He felt sad and thought that he has lost everything just because of his envy.


Moral of the story

Envy can lead to self destruction. Your competition should be with yourself. You should focus on improving your qualities.

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