The story of powerful snake

The snake image

In the darkness of grassland, there lived a snake. He always chooses to kill and eat the rats, frogs and small insects. He was very proud of him. He thought that he is the powerful creature on the earth and can’t be defeated by anyone.

With the passes of time, he grew stronger and bigger in size. His proud also increased.

One day he thought, “This place is smaller for me, I should move to a bigger one, to feed myself better”.

He immediately moved to a bigger place. One his way he felt hungry and suddenly saw An anthill.

He thought, “These small creatures can’t beat me, I’ll swallow them as a whole”.

As the snake got near the anthill, the army of ants attacked him and they bite him on the whole body. The snake cried of pain and somehow managed to escape. But before escaping he left his proud forever.

Moral of the story

Be humble and never feel proud. Humble people are respected everywhere. The time you thinks, you’re powerful, your destruction starts.

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