The story of lost battle

Scene after battle lost

Sitting inside the cave she was thinking that what had happened to her. She wasn’t fired from the job or she hadn’t lost her Smartphone.

Instead, She had lost her whole kingdom while defending from invasion. Tears were rolling down of her eyes.

It’s all started five days ago when the king of Titan attacked her kingdom. He had a large and powerful army.

But the Queen had few soldiers. The Queen and her army fought as a brave but they lost the battle.

The Titan King had a huge and powerful army and they attacked again and again for six times.

The Queen and her brave soldiers lost all the battle. The Queen’s army was tired of being losing the battle again and again.

The Queen was disappointed, her ministers advised her to leave the kingdom and take shelter in caves.

She did the same. And went into the woods to hide herself.

On the other hand, the Titan’s king sent his army to occupied every street of her kingdom.

Sitting inside the cave she was thinking that what had happened to her. Suddenly she saw an ant who was carrying a piece of sugar and was taking it to the top of the wall.

But, as the ant start climbing the wall he falls down, he again tried but fall down. The Ant failed for six times.

The Queen was watching him and thought that this and will not try to climb again on this wall.

But, on the contrary, the ant tried for the Seventh time he took the sugar on his back and started climbing again within a few minutes he succeed in getting to the top of the wall.

The Queen was surprised to see it. Then she realized one thing and sent her messenger to call her soldiers. Within a few minutes, her brave soldiers were standing outside the cave.

The Queen Motivated her army and said that we should try for the seventh time.

Her army got ready and they marched towards their kingdom where they attacked the Titan’s army and won the battle.

The Titan army retreated back to their kingdom.

Moral of the story

Never Give up on your dreams. Failure is the stair which leads you to success. The Queen has realized one thing “Fall seven times stand up eight”.

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