The story of friendship

The story of friendship

There was a dense forest. Where lived three friends. A deer, A Mouse, and A Tortoise. They had a fixed place where they always meet.

One day A crow came and said, “Can I be your friend?” They spoke in a single voice, “Yes, of course”.

They all become best friends and always meet at their fixed point. Everything was going fine but one day the Deer didn’t come there. All the three were worried.

The crow flew away in search of his friend Deer. The crow found the Deer trapped in the Net.

He went near his friend and said, “Friend don’t worry I’ll get the help”.

He immediately flew back to his other friends. He told the whole story to them.

The Mouse said, “Hurry Up! friend take me there I’ll Nibble the net and will free our friend”.

The crow took The Rat on his back and flew away. They reached there and the Rat started nibbling the net, the Tortoise too reached there.

At the same time, the hunter was coming. He saw that rat and others were trying to free the Deer. The Rat increased his nibble speed and soon the Deer was out of the net.

They all hide in the woods before the arrival of the Hunter, but the Tortoise was unable to hide due to slow speed. The Hunter caught him. His friends saw it.

They came together and the crow said, “Deer, you go in front of the hunter he’ll follow you and the Rat will nibble the net to free the tortoise”.

The deer did the same, The hunter felt in greed and threw the tortoise on the ground and started chasing the Deer. The rat immediately nibbles the net and the tortoise was free.

The deer, on the other hand, was running fast and the hunter was chasing him, there was a Bog near the river, As soon as the deer reached there he jumped over it but the hunter Trapped in the Bog.

The Deer returned back to his friends. And from there on their friendship grew stronger.

Moral of the story

Good friends help each other. Together we can sort out the biggest problem. We have to trust each other. The power of friendship is worth more than any problem.

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