The story of food

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A long years ago, in an old village there lived a woman. Every day she cooked food for her family member and an extra meal for the poor and hungry passers.

She kept the extra meal on the window sill of the kitchen.

Every day a beggar came and took away the meal. Instead of expressing gratitude, he muttered some words – “The evil you do remains with you, the good you do comes back to you”.

This went day after day. Every day, The beggar came and took the meal and muttered those words, “The evil you do remains with you, the good you do comes back to you”.

The woman was irritated by listening to those words daily. She thought that, instead of expressing gratitude, the man muttered those words, what does he mean?.

One day being irritated the woman decided to get rid of the man. Thus, she added poison in the meal.

When she was going to put it on the window sill, her hands trembled. She thought that what’s she doing? And immediately she threw the meal in the fire.

And made the new one and placed it on the window sill. The beggar came and took the meal but he was unaware of the evilness that was going in the mind of the woman.

The woman always offered the prayer for his son who had gone to a distant place to seek his fortune.

For many months, she had no news of him. She prayed for his safe return. That evening there was a knock on the door.

When she opened the door she saw her son standing there, he had grown pale and weak. His clothes were dirty and torn.

Her son said, “Mom, it’s a miracle, that I am here.” I was starving and was close to death, but a beggar was passing through, when I begged for the morsel he gave the whole meal to me and said, “I daily eat this meal, but today you need it more than me.”

As his mother heard those words she grew paled and then she remembered that if she hadn’t burnt the meal in the fire, then her son may have been eaten it and would have lost his life.

It was then she realized the significance of those words, “The evil you do remains with you, the good you do will come back to you.”

Moral of the story

Our Thoughts Guide all our actions. The purity of thought is very important. When we think of harming others, it is like tossing dagger in the sky. Sooner or later it falls back on us.

When we think of supporting others, it is like a blessing that comes back to us. We should always choose to do good actions, even if it seems difficult to do so or we are not appreciated at that time.

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