The story of a village

The story of a village is an eye opener story where people were superstitious but a brave man protects them from the trap of some greedy people.

There was a village located between the mountain range. The king of that village was very Good. He always took care of everyone in his village.

It was a small village and the people were so rich. But they were superstitious.

There was a young man, whose name was Martin. He was the only who was not superstitious as others.

Everyone was busy in their work as usual. Suddenly, the sky spoke out, “Listen! Everyone, I want 1,000 Golden coins daily. If you’ll fail to complete it, I’ll burn the whole village”.

This news spread in the whole village, like fire. When Martin heard about this he said, “Dear, friends someone is trying to create fear in us to take away our money.

What does sky will do with the Golden coins, In my opinion, it’s a game plan and no one should believe it”.

But people didn’t listen to him. Everybody took 1,000 Golden coins and went to the place where they had to hear that voice.

When they reached, one of the villagers said, “My lord, we are here with 1,000 golden coins”.

After 5 minutes of inactivity the sky spoke, “Put your ? coins in the mid of the forest and leave”. The villagers did the same.

This went for one month. When the coins were about to finish, the people reached to the king for the help.

When the king heard this news. He got ready to pay this amount to the sky, and believed it without any investigation.

Suddenly, Martin arrived at the king and said, “My lord, I don’t think it’s true, Why sky need such a huge amount? I think it’s a game plan”.

The king said ?, “Okay, if you think, it’s a game plan. Then investigate and find out the truth, But if you failed, you’ll be hanged”.

Martin agreed and said, “My lord, I am ready. But to prove that it’s a game plan, you need to take 1,000 golden coins with me to the forest”.

The king agreed. That evening.

Martin, The king, and his soldiers went to the forest and put the coins there. Then the king said, “Let’s go back”.

Martin said, “My lord, we’ll act to go back, and hide behind the bushes”. The king agreed and they all hide in the bushes.


After half an hour some people arrived and as they were about to take away the coins. Martin, The king, and his soldiers caught them.

The king asked them, “Who are you and why you doing this?”. One of them said, “We are robbers and when we came to know that your village’s people are rich.

Then we made this plan to rob the village in a new way. So, that no one could spot us”.

The king again asked, “Didn’t you had the fear of being caught?”.

The robber said, “No we didn’t have the fear of being caught because we knew that people of this village are superstitious, and they’ll believe everything without think over it”.

Upon hearing this the king realized that he was wrong and Martin was right. He rewarded Martin for his intelligence and bravery.

Moral of the story

Never believe everything, without any investigation. Everything is not true as it looks like.

People like Martin are not available everywhere, you have to bear your own responsibility. Develop your own mind and keep yourself safe from the wrong people.

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