The salt and the donkey

Once upon a time, there was a washerman. He was very hard working. Picking clothes from different houses and taking it to the river and washing it was his daily routine.

He had a donkey, who was very lazy and always create trouble for him. The washerman was a good man. But he often beat his donkey just because of his laziness and also for the trouble he made for him.

One day, the washerman got a contract to carry some salt to the next village. He was going to receive a huge amount for this work.

He got up early that morning and went to the place where he had to load the salt on his donkey.

He loaded the salt and went on the way to the next village. There was a river dividing both the villages. The river was not very deep.

They started crossing the river. Unfortunately, the donkey slipped and fall into the river.

The whole salt dissolved in the water and his load decreased. The donkey became happy and now he was able to walk freely.

When they reached their destination. The washerman saw that there was no salt.

Now, he understood how the donkey was able to walk freely. He begs for forgiveness from the contractor. The contractor forgave him and assign the same task again.

The next day he waked up early and took his donkey to the same place. They reached the river and started to cross it.

This time the donkey slipped intentionally. As usual, the salt dissolved in the water.

When the washerman reached his destination he saw that there was no salt left. Now, he understood the intention of the donkey.

He told everything to his contractor and this time the contractor assigned him the work to load cotton to teach a lesson to his donkey.

The next morning he woke up early as usual. He loaded the cotton on the donkey and went on the way to the next village. They reached the river and started crossing it.

They were half the way to the river. The donkey thought that he will slip again and his load will decrease.

He did the same and slipped off. Unfortunately, the cotton absorbed the water and the weight increased. Which made it difficult for the donkey to walk.

Moral of the story

Mistakes are natural. It’s good to improve your mistakes. Repeating the same mistake can create a huge problem, which can’t be sorted out.

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