Gurus won’t dare tell you the real meaning of success because it will put a full stop on their income

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Success? Everybody wants to be successful in life but since the meaning of success is not clear to many people, it becomes impossible for them to set goals.

They spend their whole life searching for the meaning of success but they never get the answer.  

Most of us believe that wealth, popularity is the status of success, this may be true for some people.

But if you’re not doing the work that you love there’s no use of wealth and popularity because you won’t feel satisfied and can’t enjoy that success.

Lavish lifestyle, money and big house

Success has no connection with a lavish lifestyle, huge wealth, and a big house.

Don’t get confused between real success and reel success.

The meaning of success is still the same as it was 100 years ago. Successful people don’t have a lavish lifestyle they don’t buy fancy clothes and sports cars.

Social media has tried to manipulate the meaning of success through filtered posts they shoot in the studio and share with people.

The models wear fancy and branded clothes, which are owned by the studio. They show luxury cars which are rented from someone else.  

They use every possible method to manipulate your thoughts about success.

But the hidden thing you should know is that these models are paid for the photoshoots.

They are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars per post they share. So, my genuine advice is to stop following such people.

Have you ever asked yourself why the world’s top billionaires wear simple clothes and drive simple cars?

 Well, that’s why they’re a billionaire.

The next confusing question is, “Billionaires do have big houses and big cars, then why shouldn’t I follow them? In fact, I also want to buy these things”

Well, yes some of the billionaires do have a big house and luxury cars but these expenses are just 2-5% of their income. They spend less than what they earn.

Add value to people’s life

If you want to be successful beyond your expectations then you have to impact a million lives.

A simple rule of thumb is to Impact millions and earn millions.

Adding value to people’s life can dramatically change your life.

The best way to influence millions of life is to explore the market, find a problem, and give a better solution to it.

Helping others gives the feeling of satisfaction and happiness.

Satisfaction and Happiness

If you’re not satisfied and happy you probably successful in life. Do things that you love even if the money you’ll make is less.

If you’re happy doing things that give you satisfaction – you’re successful.

If you wanted to be a teacher since childhood and now you’re teaching in school or college, you’re successful.

A person who always wanted to help people clean their backyard is now involved in it is successful.

 The real meaning of success is being happy and satisfied with what you do and what you earn.

Time freedom

Time freedom is another indicator of your successful life.

If you’re free to go on vacations, if you’re free to travel wherever you want – you are successful.

If you’re working for corporates, then it may be hard for you to go on frequent vacations with your family. However, you can prepare your future schedule in advance so that when you get free time from corporate life you’ll probably just need to pack your bags and flew to Hawaii (of course you can go anywhere).

Time freedom is mandatory to enjoy your success.

Final words

It’s a myth that people with a job are not successful but that’s not the case.

A person with a job is also successful if he or she enjoys their job. They can also achieve financial freedom if they’re doing the highest-paying job.

To get that highest paying job you have to become an expert in your field.

It simply means that you have to keep learning and keep growing.


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