The heir of the kingdom

In a kingdom, there ruled an Intelligent King. He was now growing old. He had four daughters. He doesn’t trust his ministers. And wanted to hand over his kingdom to one of his daughters.

But he always wanted to choose the daughter who is able to handle the responsibility.

One day he called his four daughters and gave hand full of wheat to each of them. After one year he again called his daughters and asked about the wheat he has given to them.

The first daughter said, “On the very day I’d feed the sparrows, I thought that they need it”.

The king thought she is not eligible to handle this kingdom.

The second daughter said, “I had put it in the kitchen to make food from it”. The king said, “You’ll handle the work of the kitchen”.

The third daughter said, “I had put the wheat with my jewelry to protect them”. The king said, “You’re good at keeping things safe, you’ll handle the treasury”.

When all the three daughters finished the fourth one said, “I want some men and a vehicle”. All the three daughters laughed at her.

Then she said, “I had sown that wheat and after one year they have grown and I want some men and vehicle to harvest and carry those crops back to the kingdom”.

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The king got happy and handed over the kingdom to his fourth daughter.

Great message of the story

Learn to bear responsibilities. Very few people are highly successful because they bear responsibility even when they were Alone.

Your responsibility will force you to find new and good ways to complete it. Which ultimately leads to success.

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