The generous king

The generous king of the Roman empire was very strong and powerful. He had won many battles and conquered many kingdoms. His name was Leonardo.

Maras was another king whose kingdom was conquered by the Leonardo, and Maras was sent to the prisoner.

When Maras was taken out of the prisoner. He became a friend of Leonardo.

Leonardo was a generous king. He always distributes Gold coins and gifts to his country people.

Maras was jealous of his generosity. One day he said, “My lord if you’ll keep distributing your wealth you’ll be poor soon. You should keep some wealth for yourself”.

Leonardo asked him, “Very well, What do you think how much do I have been collected If I have hoarded my wealth”.

After thinking for sometime Maras said, “A lot of wealth”.

Then Leonardo said, “Let me sent my messenger with a message that I need money, and Let’s see what happens?”

Leonardo sent his messenger who took his message to his country people. In the evening Leonardo took Maras to the treasury room.

When they reached the palace, Maras stood with eyes opened. Then Leonardo said, “See, my people had sent the amount of money which I never had collected in many years. My people love and respect me”.

If I had hoarded my wealth. There would have no love and respect among people for me.

Moral of the story

Generous people are loved and respected by everyone. You shouldn’t hesitate to share your things with those who are in need of it. If time will come they’ll help you.

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