The five year rule for success

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It’s true that everything takes time for its growth and development.

For example: the evolution of humans doesn’t happened in a day – it has taken more than thousands of years for their evolution and development.

If we talk about success, we’re not going to live for thousands years – not even for hundreds of years.

The conclusion is we’ve limited time to achieve success.

But that doesn’t mean it would happen in just one day.

Is achieving success easy?

The answer is yes and no.

“Yes” because of the technological development. If you know how to use technology  and social media to your advantage – you will win the game very early than most of the people.

“No” because if you’re engage in manufacturing physical goods or involve in copying-pasting others business – than it would be difficult to ground off your business.

Whatever the business or profession you choose – it is going to take time.

Success would be easy if you can use social media to your advantage.

We’re living in an information age. It is an asset for everybody.

If you can give valuable knowledge to people via social media – it might attract good amount of traffic to your profile that could lead to more sales.

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The five-year rule for success

Social media is a good tool if can use it as a producer but it would become a curse if you use it as a consumer.

I don’t know whether technology has reduced our attention span or not but do remember that your success is going to take at least 5 years.

Remember that quote: “Rome was not built in a day”

Whether you think you can succeed in one year or not – the fact is that you can’t succeed in just one year and make fortune.

If you start today just prepare yourself mentally that it is going to take 5 years from now.

Example: Today is 3 February 2022, if you start your blog, YouTube channel, manufacturing business, marketing agency etc.

Be prepared to work consistently for 5 years without thinking about the result.

If we count 5 years from today 3 February 2022 – it would be 3 February 2027.

So, from this calculation you can expect to achieve massive success by 2027.

The more you will delay today the more time it will take in future. Hence, my advice is to start today.

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What if you want early success?

If you’re looking for early success than you have to put more effort, so that you can gain more experience and work on things that works.

According to me, 5 years is not a huge span of time, we spend 10 years thinking about something without taking any action, but why 5 years seems huge time when we take actions?


There won’t be a single person on the earth who doesn’t want to be successful in life. The only difference between successful and unsuccessful is the “action” part.

If you can take actions to build your business and profession – you will definitely succeed.

It would take time but if you don’t give up – the success would be yours. Good luck.

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