The delicious strawberries

The delicious strawberries is an eye-opener and moral story that will teach you to have patience in life.

Fred was very fond of Strawberries. He lived in a town known as Jamestown. But his town had no farmer who could grow and sell strawberries.

He always has to go to the next town to have some strawberries, which were not too tasty and he had to spend a lot on them.

One day he decided to grow his own strawberries on his farm. Thus, the next morning he purchased some seeds of strawberries. He plowed his garden and sowed the seed.

He gave water to the seeds everyday. Within a few months, the seeds turned into the fully grown plant. Fred was very happy. He kept on caring for his plants.

Fred thought that these plants will soon be loaded with tasty strawberries. But, something unusual happened, The plants didn’t have any strawberries on them.

But, Fred didn’t felt unhappy and kept on caring for his plants. One more year passed and he thought that this year the plants will bloom.

But again the plants didn’t have any strawberries, even there was no sign of strawberries.

Fred becomes unhappy and angry. He said, “You plants are waste and you’ll never bloom. I have to spend a lot on you but you haven’t given anything to me”.

In the same town, there lived a farmer who purchased the garden from Fred.

Fred got a job and he had to shift to another town which was, few Miles away from his town. One more Year passed.

One day Fred was on his way to the office and he suddenly heard a man yelling, “Strawberries! Jamestown’s Strawberries!”

James got surprised and he thought, “How Jamestown’s strawberries got famous No one had ever grown strawberries yet before”.

Fred was very curious and he suddenly went to his town to search for the man who had grown the strawberries.

He asked some people and came to know about a place where the strawberries are grown. As soon as he reached there.

The delicious strawberries

He was surprised to see that it was his own farm which he had sold to the farmer one year before. The Farmer was arriving to work in the field and they both recognized each other.

As the farmer reached near him, Fred asked, “How you did that I mean I have to spend a lot of years in growing these plants but they never bloomed”.

The farmer said, “In the first year the strawberries were not grown because of low rainfall, And in the second year they were about to bloom but you stopped caring them and sold it to me.

And You’ll be surprised to know that when you sold it to me, they bloomed next month”.

Fred was feeling unhappy and he thought that if he hadn’t sold the farm, he would be the owner of the farm.

Moral of the story

Patience is the key to success. Hard work never goes waste. You have to believe that, you’ll achieve your desired goals very soon.

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