What are the 5 harsh truths of life?

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Life is beautiful if you have the vision to see it. However, in this post, I’m going to share some harsh truths about life. I think you’re already aware of that truth, if yes, then this post would be a remainder.

So, what are the 5 harsh truths of life? Let’s discuss them one by one. But before we start let me tell you one thing that I have no intention to discourage your people.

The purpose of writing this article is to make you aware of the reality and encourage you to achieve your dreams with full potential. See, hard work can change anyone’s life.

Most people will leave you alone in your hard times

There’s a shortage of water but not of fake people. They are everywhere around you. Such people will stick with you in your good times and leaves you in bad times.

the 5 harsh truths of life

I know you want to ask, “Newtan, how to find them out?” It’s really simple my friend, “Observation” Yes, it’s a powerful equipment that works silently. You can observe the behavior of people.

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However, what you have to observe?

  1. Why and when they meet you?
  2. What do they talk about other people?
  3. Are they interested in your material or not?
  4. Do they argue on small matters?
  5. Do they want you to be away from your loved ones?
  6. Do they teach you bad things?
  7. Are they using your materials?

If most of your answers (except 1 and 2) is YES, then you need to rethink about them. Why rethink just kick them out of your life, it’s simple as that.

Even it’s important because they add no value to your life. Moreover, they’ll leave you in your bad times.

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People heed successful people

It’s a harsh truth of life that has frozen me when I came to know about it. The world ran before successful people, it means that if you’re less successful then, of course, people will not give you respect.

the 5 harsh truths of life

My advice to every 20s and 30s. Hustle, until you succeed, not because people will love you but it’s important to make your life comfortable and happy.

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Nowadays there’s a trend going on, I mean people are busy looking rich and successful. This trend is so popular that even teenagers are going on the same track. 

However, they have forgotten that A LION doesn’t need to prove that he is the king of the jungle.

Your goal should be to become rich and successful not to look successful. You’ll get nothing in boasting, instead, you’ll lose your money and happiness in impressing people.

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You’ll fail many times

Failure is not the opposite of success; it’s a part of success. Failures are the stairs that will lead you to success destination. In my opinion, setbacks are important because it directs you to change your method of working.

the 5 harsh truths of life

Every day creates a new challenge and not possible to solve it using the same method every day.

However, you shouldn’t take any stress of failure because it could be dangerous for your health. Most people think that a brilliant idea and hard work can change everything, but they don’t know that failure is their path to success.

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What does failure want to teach you?                                                 

  1. You need to change your method of working.
  2. You need to put enough energy into the work you’re doing.
  3. You have to learn more.
  4. You have to be more creative.
  5. You need to improve your mistakes.

No amount of guilt can change your past, however, your never give up attitude can definitely change your future. You should live in a present and work, so that your future could improve.

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Nothing is permanent in life

the 5 harsh truths of life

Life is full of difficulties nothing is permanent here. Sadness and Happiness are relative. If you’re sad now, the other minute may bring happiness to you and vice versa.

Everything comes and goes and you can’t stop things from happening because it is similar to the natural process. It means that you can’t control it. However, you can control yourself and mold as per the situation.

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In simple words, changes take place every second, and you should walk along with it to transform yourself.

A new ‘you’ can achieve goals efficiently and more intelligently. The next second may bring a huge change in your life and should always be ready for it.

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You have a limited time

Your time is limited and you should utilize it for important work. Rest works can be done later. Time is worth more than Gold and Diamonds because no money can buy it.

the 5 harsh truths of life

You got 86,400 seconds daily to complete your necessary work. However, most people waste it and utilize it for unnecessary works.

Every second is important. When you get tired, just go and rest but don’t waste your time for unnecessary means.

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What are the time eaters you should always avoid?

  1. Avoid unnecessary conversation.
  2. Stop roaming with friends.
  3. Reduce your TV time. If possible, terminate it forever.
  4. Unnecessary internet should be avoided.
  5. Procrastination and laziness are other factors that eat your precious time.
  6. Stop overthinking as soon as possible.

Let fake people go but don’t let your precious time go away. Time is unstoppable however; you can utilize it systematically to finish your work before the deadline.

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I know these are the harsh truth of life, but you shouldn’t take it to heart because you can be successful and happy in your life. You don’t need to prove it to anyone.

Life is beautiful and you should enjoy it, don’t ruin your future for a single negative thought. The purpose of writing this article was to appreciate you to work with full potential.

It’s good to know the reality than to be in the darkness. Real and brave people never get discouraged. Discouragement is a fuel they use to work upon their dreams with twice as much speed.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

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