How to take control of your life in 6 easy ways?

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Is your life not in control? Don’t worry, you can now take control of your life because in this post I have shared some useful points that will help you.

Your life is yours, no doubt but sometimes – external factors and mostly our own decisions steal our life’s control.

I have lost my life’s control most of the time – because of other people –I have treated them as my family members but I got pain in return.

However, the time has changed now, and I’m happy – my life is in my control now.

Let’s get to know all the points on how to take control of your life?

Think about yourself first

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Let people say whatever they won’t – believe me, you should think about yourself first – then comes your family.

Put strangers and other relatives last in the list. Your family members will never break your trust and heart.

The main reason for heartbreak is the trust that you make on others and expect the same in return – but it never happens.

Therefore, I think that it’s good to think about yourself first – then about others and if not then no one can save you from losing life’s control.

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Don’t chase people

Are you still chasing people? Are you still begging them to stay in your life?

Oh come on, they’re not the right one – a right person doesn’t need to be begged for. You have to understand that nothing is permanent in life.

People will come and go but you shouldn’t lose your focus for them. Your main goal is to improve your life.


I can understand that you need people to talk and share your thoughts and most of all it gives satisfaction.

However, it doesn’t mean that you stick and chase the wrong people.

People who chase others often end up losing their life’s control and repent later.

Why you shouldn’t chase people?

  • There are 7 billion people on this planet and you can find a new one and the right one whenever you want.
  • Not everybody you met is your friend and can leave anytime.
  • People take advantage of others who seem innocents to them (be careful).
  • You’re spoiling your life by doing so.

You should use your energy in some productive work – that can improve your life and ultimately makes you happy.

Don’t lose your life’s control for people who didn’t care for you.

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Be you and bear your own responsibility

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Do you have a habit of not taking your responsibility? If so, then you’re in danger because people who didn’t bear their responsibility won’t achieve anything in life.

And this is the biggest reason for losing one’s life’s control because such people will depend on others to take responsibility.

The main thing is that no one will take your responsibility and those who will do – will try to take your advantage.

 Why taking your own responsibility is helpful.

  • First thing first, your life’s control will remain in your hands.
  • When you know that, it’s your responsibility you take action.
  • Responsibilities built character.
  • You learn new ways to complete work.
  • It builds customer’s trust if you’re a seller. (It can apply to everyone)
  • You become gentle and learn to respect others’ hard work – and support them.

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Take control of your life, be alone and work

If you want to grow fast you have to walk alone, and people often leave in bad times (It’s harsh truth).

Your dreams are yours and you can’t expect others to achieve it, they may contribute but can’t work as much hard as you can, don’t depend on others because trust often gets you killed.

Thus, it’s better to be alone and work for your dreams. Your independence gives full control of your life and no one can steal it from you.

Don’t become obligated to anyone

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When you’re obligated to someone you lose your life’s control because the other person can make you work according to them.

Some people around us act as if they are your helper but the truth is that they’re snakes in the sleeves.

Such people often find new ways to insult you, to take you down, etc. You have to be careful of such people.

Pro advice: Don’t trust what people say, trust their actions because actions never lie. Remember that.

How people become obligated to others?

The number one reason is – the help you received from others. When someone helps – you oblige for a lifetime and some people often take advantage of it – to spoil your life.

How to protect yourself from being obligated to others?

The best way to protect yourself is to sort out any problem of your own. That’s it.

However, if you can’t do alone, just ask your family members, if possible tell your parents – I’m sure you’ll get the solutions easily.

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Stop overthinking right away

How to take control of your life in 6 easy ways? 1

Oh, yes how can we forget about “overthinking”?

The biggest reason for losing life’s control is overthinking. You have to stop doing so because it’s dangerous for your life and health.

Well, I often overthink and ends up in stress – then never do a single work for the whole day.

In short, overthinking spoil my whole day.

Moreover, it affects mental health. So, is there any way to get rid of overthinking?

In short, yes.

Let’s see how you can get rid of overthinking?

  • You need to train your brain hard. Yes, this is terrible but the best way to get rid of overthinking.
  • Leave the negative environment because negativity is the biggest reason behind overthinking.
  • Don’t stay alone for a long time, if you have spare time – spend it with your family.
  • Be positive and do positive.
  • Keep yourself engaged in work – so you won’t get much time to think.
  • Work as per schedule to keep yourself bind with responsibilities of task completions.

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Final words to take control of your life

It’s easy to lose life’s control but hard to get it back. You have to take care of your life. We people mostly lose our control because of external factors – and due to the wrong people.

You should stop giving attention to all people and stop chasing them. You have a lot to achieve in life don’t waste your time in irrelevant things.

I think this post has been proving to be useful for you – if so then please share it and leave your thoughtful comments.


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