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relationship story

The relationship story


The world is emerging very fast. Also, the competition has increased very much. However, some people forgot their work and just appreciate others. They just try to be in a relationship with everyone. But, they…

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garbage image inspiring story

The garbage story


The garbage is an inspiring story that can alter your life. It’s an inspiring story of a poor man.  He was badly insulted by his friend. The man was not his real friend. If you…

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The wrestling match


A wrestling match was going on. There was noise everywhere. A man with less height was watching it. He was very thin. He went there with his friends to watch the wrestling match. However, he…

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burning time

Time waits for no one


He was lying on his bed. Tears were rolling down of his eyes. He thought that his dream remained unachieved. Moreover, He said, “If I had tried once, I might have achieved it. Now, it’s…

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