Sweet example

Sweet example

Hiding in the kitchen he was doing something that shocked his father. Micheal who was eating sweets from the Refrigerator. His father scolded him for this act.

Micheal was very fond of sweets. But, he ate a lot of sweets, which was the main reason for worry to his father. In the same town, there lived a priest who was known for his miracles powers.

Micheal’s father thought that he will take him to that priest. The next morning he went to the priest with Micheal. He told the whole story to the priest.

But, instead of giving any advice the priest said, “Come back to me after 1 month then I’ll give you the solution”.

Somehow one month passed and again Micheal and his father went to the priest. The priest said, “Micheal you shouldn’t eat so many sweets, it can spoil your teeth”.

Micheal’s father was less happy and more astonished, he asked, “Sir, you may have told this before 1 month, Why do you say us to wait for 1 month”.

The priest replied, “Because I am too fond of sweets, then how could I have given advice to Micheal to give up sweets.

In 1 month I have eaten no sweets to be an example before giving the advice”.

Moral of the story

People remember not what you say but what you do. Don’t say, work hard and be an example instead.

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