6 steps to supercharge your brain to achieve impossible

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Your brain is responsible for the kind of life you’re living right now. And the remote control of this brain lies in your hands.

The way you train your brain, the information you feed to it influence your life.

You can definitely supercharge your brain by working gradually on the following points.

1. Observation

I’ve previously mentioned in several of my posts that observation can boost your mental capabilities.

The wisest people are the ones who observe things that matters to them.

Not everything needs your attention but things that are useful for you and your future needs it.

Observation is the key to reach your minds full potential. It slowly transform your mind into a learning machine, which is a good thing because it will help you acquire the necessary knowledge faster.

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2. Over thinking is a bad habit

When it comes to supercharging your brain to outperform everyone – over thinking becomes major hurdle in the way.

Seriously, over thinking is a bad habit if it goes out of control.

To get rid of over thinking you have to take help of meditation.

Meditation is an old principle, which is more relevant in today’s busy world.

How to meditate when you have no time?

As far as I’m concerned, I meditate while laying on the bed just before sleeping.

There’s no best time to start meditation, you can do whenever you get the time.

Believe it or not, doing meditation everyday just before sleeping has helped to get my mind’s control back.

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3. Learn from others

People are a great source of learning. If you have trained your mind into a learning machine, your mind will work on autopilot to extract useful information from people’s body.

The more you practice observation and meditation you become good at reading people.

Nobody is going to teach you anything – you must develop the ability to learn from the behavior of people.

Brainstorming is a good way to analyze different matters that had happened with you.

This activity will not just make you smart but also good at reading people.

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4. Watch your actions

The work you do everyday becomes your habit. If you’re engaged in evil work your brain will give suggestion related to that particular matter.

And if you’re engaged in good work – your brain will give good suggestion related to that particular matter.

Now, to increase the power of your brain to achieve impossible you have to do everything thing possible.

Good deeds make you happy and boost your confidence.

5. Avoid forced imagination

You have to avoid forced imagination because it will drain your brain.

What is forced imagination?

Forced imagination is when you force your mind to imagine things even if your mind doesn’t feel like.

The true imagination occurs when it happens on its own, when you don’t need to force yourself for that.

This forced imagination is a bad habit because it slowly turns into over thinking.

And over thinking makes you slave of laziness, in most cases it destroys your sleep pattern, which is more dangerous.

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6. Take care of your health

Your brain works better when you are healthy.

Make sure you consume healthy food, exercise every alternate day, and meditate.

Nothing would work if you’re fighting with diseases. A healthy body is a wealth creating body.

The old principle applies here: Prevention is better than cure


Super charging your brain is a slow process but it is definitely worth it.

Nothing is impossible only when you’re working consistently towards your goal.

Best of luck

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