Success motivation: 10 new ways to motivate for success

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Success motivation? Do you really need motivation for success? ‘Yes’ you need motivation to succeed in life. And here’s how to motivate yourself.

Indeed, you need motivation to succeed in life and take revenge from those who did wrong to you or hurt your feelings.

As the going says, “Success is the best revenge.” Indeed you should opt for success rather doing any physical damage to others.

The right way to establish your power and authority is to succeed in life and earn a lot of money.

Meaning of success

The meaning of success is quite simple. It means that whatever you do – just make a lot of money out of it.

If you’re a worker earn millions, if you’re a teacher earn millions, if you’re a doctor earn millions, if you’re a farmer earn millions.

The point here is that you have to be earning a lot of money because ultimately your money gives you power and establish you as an authority.

In fact, society doesn’t even care about your skills and wisdom – they just look how much money you earn.

Purpose of success motivation

The purpose of success motivation is to help you derive energy and work towards accomplishing your desired goals.

Success motivation alone cannot make you successful as it’s just a feeling. but that feeling, indeed, can push you to grind, take risks and make your dreams come true.

However, you have to be careful when looking for motivation as it may lead you to wrong path.

What most people do is that they try to achieve success in one day and when they didn’t see the desired results they either drop their idea or look for some alternative shortcuts to fulfill their desired goals.

These alternative shortcuts gives better results at the beginning but as the process continues it costs people’s life.

Thus, the lessons here is that you have to learn the art of patience.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

Chinese proverb

The above quote not just reveal the time your success is going to take but also the amount of patience you need to have.

If you want to master any skill and want to make a lot of money out of it then you need to mentally prepare yourself for the hard work, patience without thinking about the result.

Top 10 success motivation list

You can take the following actions to motivate yourself during tough times.

1. Action derives success motivation

action derives success motivation

Indeed, planning is important but not everything.

In real world, planning doesn’t work as expected because future is uncertain.

Execution is the core function that derives success. A good planning may or may not work as expected but a good and consistent execution would produce better results.

Motivational quotes or videos aren’t going to help you a lot.

The actions you take day-in day-out motivates you to work more.

The best part about taking actions is that it gives you real time feedback about what needs to be corrected and what need to be improved.

Whereas, in planning we just make assumptions that this thing could happen in future those assumptions are just assumptions.

2. Negative feelings are stronger than positive

negative feelings derive success motivation

Everybody advise to stay away from negative thoughts and produce more of positive one.

But the fact is that negative feelings are more stronger than positive one.

If you know how to use negative feelings in your favor you could do anything in life.

I think negative feelings can classified into two category:

  1. Good negative feelings
  2. Bad negative feelings

Now, what’s the difference between these two.

The first Good negative feelings are the one that could derive success for you. The good negative feelings are success motivation dose. Certain questions can produce good negative feelings in you, which are:

  1. What if I didn’t succeed in life?
  2. What if I didn’t achieved my goals?
  3. What if I didn’t proved them wrong?
  4. What if I didn’t became rich or wealthy?
  5. What if my hard work doesn’t paid?

If you look closely to these above questions they’re producing negative feelings along with some fear.

And this fear is what going to push you to take actions consistently, which is a good things and hence I’ve named it good negative feeling.

The other bad negative feeling is the destructive one that could harm you and others.

The answers to certain questions that contains word related to physical harm or physical damage to other people’s life or property are dangerous.

And these action could create trouble for you. Hence, they’re named as bad negative feelings that doesn’t help anybody.

So, be careful what kind of thought you produce in your mind.

3. Wisdom or knowledge

get success motivation from books

Why do people fear of taking actions? or why do certain things look risky?

The simple answer is lack of wisdom or knowledge.

The motivation to work comes from the knowledge.

When you’re aware of how certain things works – it gives you confidence to go for it and try.

Anybody trying to motivate himself or herself should stop for a moment and think about what they know about their goals and actions they’re going to take.

Is there anything stopping you from exploring the possibilities? Are you really feeling demotivated or is the fear stopping you?

Most of the time it’s not the lack of motivation but the fear of uncertain future.

The knowledge in a particular field gives you confidence and motivates you to go for it.

However, when you step into the unknown world – you become fearful and that fear stops you from going further.

Hence, my recommendation is to read more and more books on personal development, finance etc.

If you’re interested in programming read more and more programming books.

If you’re interested in history read more and more about history.

No book is worthless – one book cannot have all the knowledge but many books could have all the knowledge.

4. You need strong reasons

Success motivation: 10 new ways to motivate for success 1

In order to succeed in life you need some strong reasons that will give you power to address every minor or major problems in life.

A strong reason can serve as a motivation for you.

If someone has broken your heart or if someone has insulted you or if your parents are against your dream. 

These things are enough for success motivation.

You should work like hell to prove them wrong and earn respect.

I’ve already talked about how you can use negative feelings to your advantage. Similarly, if you have some rivalries just compete with them.

That competition motivates you to work like hell and achieve your big dreams of life.

5. The growth attitude is the formula for success

Success motivation: 10 new ways to motivate for success 2

Your attitude is very important to achieve anything you want in life.

 But the most effective and powerful attitude is the growth attitude that could keep you going and growing in life no matter what.

People with growth attitude are able to handle worse situations, make better decision under pressure and so on because they have a lot of useful information stored in their brain.

They can easily survive in any circumstances.

You also need to develop a growth attitude in life and that could become your greatest motivation in life.

When you’re derived by the motivation of growth you take problems as games that will eventually increase your experience and income.

6. One goal at a time

Success motivation: 10 new ways to motivate for success 3

The mistake I was making from the past 5 years is I was focusing on multiple goals at a time.

Indeed, I was aware of the one thing (i.e. to focus on goal at a time) but working on goals was very exciting, however, it didn’t produced any results.

I was in the myth that my hard work will pay off one day.

But that one day didn’t arrived. Now after 5 years I was wondering about what happened to me.

The answer I got was “You were working on multiple goals.”

Indeed, this answer correct.

Now here’s the lesson to learn:

  1. Working on multiples goals may excite you but it won’t produce good results
  2. You end up giving your part-time to each of your goals and end up achieving no one.
  3. It makes you lazy and a big procrastinator.
  4. You burn out completely and didn’t get time to spend with your loved ones.
  5. It such a waste of time.

So, the overall lesson is to not work on multiple goals and dedicate your energy to just one particular goal.

Working on one simple goal might sound boring but it’s the true path to success and motivation.

In the process, you will collide with many other things that will attract you.

Example: you might someday want to switch your goal to programming or other day to writing a book.

But you have to learn to control you excitement, which is discussed in the following point.

7. Control your urge or excitement

Success motivation: 10 new ways to motivate for success 4

The urge or excitement to work on multiples goals can prove to be harmful for your career and future.

The best way to control your urge is to feed your mind with information related to one particular goal.

Often time I have experienced myself that when ever I heard someone’s success story in one particular field, my urge to do that work increases, because I thought that their goals are easy to pursue.

But I just forget about the hard work they have done for many years to achieve that level in their career.

My mind focus more on their achievement and not on their struggle or journey.

Don’t make this mistake.

Stick to one goal until you accomplish it.

You can control your urge by making your goal as a priority and most important you have to believe in your goals.

8. Time management skill

Success motivation: 10 new ways to motivate for success 5

Time management skill is vital in everyone’s career. It’s not just important at the workplace but at home also.

What you practice consistently you become one.

You can efficiently manage your time by giving priority to just 2 or 3 tasks for a day.

Going for more than 2 or 3 goals could make your job tough.

You become lazy and procrastinate when you’ve many goals for a day.

Follow these simple yet powerful tips:

  1. Keep your goals limited to 2 or 3 goals.
  2. Assign time according to priority (i.e. most important goal must be assigned more time and vice-versa)
  3. Take actions

9. Don’t reveal your goals

Success motivation: 10 new ways to motivate for success 6

When you reveal your goals, you lose motivation to work.

Keep your goals hidden from others and don’t let them know what’s going in your mind.

When you protect your goals from others you get several benefits:

  1. You don’t lose motivation.
  2. No one can give you negative advice.
  3. People are shocked when you become successful.
  4. You thoughts become so powerful internally that they push you to work more and more without getting tired.

So, the lesson here is to protect your goals from others by not sharing it with them.

And for that you need to wear a mask of lazy person.

People don’t often interact with lazy people. They avoid them as much as possible.

You shouldn’t do things that grab attention towards you because if people get to know that you’re trying to accomplish something big in life they will definitely try to distract you.

10. Do Meditation for success motivation

Success motivation: 10 new ways to motivate for success 7

The last but not the least: You can derive success motivation through meditation. It’s the best invented formula for success.

Meditation has several benefits.

  1. It calms down your mind
  2. It teaches you patience
  3. It improves your focus and concentration
  4. It enhance your memory
  5. It helps you to learn things faster.
  6. It makes you productive

Meditation gives you the power to succeed in life and stay motivated throughout the day.

You can learn more about meditation here:

The formula for success

The formula for success is simple.

You need to keep hitting the wall until it breaks.

I mean to say that there’s no other way than to working very very hard on your goals and failing again and again at one particular thing.

But remember that you shouldn’t repeat the same mistake again and again.

With each new failure, your level upgrades and you get new challenges this is how the game of life works.

Keep going and keep growing success motivation will continue to nourish your strength.

Top 10 Success motivational quotes

I’ve extracted the top 10 success motivational quotes from all around the internet. These success motivational quotes will motivate you to work hard for your goals.

It’s not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but most responsive to change.

Charles Darwin

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

Walt Disney

The best revenge is massive success.

Frank Sinatra

To succeed in life you need two things: ignorance and confidence.

Mark Twain

Success seems to be connected with action. Successful men keep moving; they make mistakes, but they do not quit.

Conrad Hilton

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

Martin Luther King Jr.

If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes, then learn how to do it later.

Richard Branson

Don’t chase people. Be yourself, do your own thing and work hard. The right people -the ones who really belong in your life – will come to you. And stay.

Will Smith

However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.

Stephen Hawking

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that airplane takes off against wind not with it.

Henry Ford

Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.

Jack Canfield


The overall conclusion of this post is that you must have a never give attitude and no matter what your parents says, no matter what you friends says.

You need to believe in yourself that you can definitely achieve your goals.

Nobody is going to motivate you – you’ve to do it on your own.

And always remember that most people want to see you failing – don’t let their wish turn into reality.

Don’t make excuses when it comes to your goals unless you want to live a mediocre life. And the last thing is that you must have a never give up attitude, which in turn will give you success motivation.

The formula for success is simple “Work hard”

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  1. How to derive success motivation?

    Action, controlling your excitement, keeping your goals as secrets and meditation can derive success motivation for you.

  2. Meaning of success motivation?

    The motivation that pushes you to succeed in life is called success motivation. It is really powerful as it can turn a lazy man into hard working.

  3. Does books contains the formula for success?

    Indeed, books contains a lot of information along with motivation that could push you to work hard and succeed.

  4. Is success motivation really helpful?

    Yes, it is very helpful as it pushes you to work hard.


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