Success: Can you handle the “heat”?

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It is easier said than done. Nobody in the world can get overnight success.

Success is the result of consistency and determination.

The only question the success asks, “Can you handle the heat?”

What heat means here is that can you handle the pressure of work? Can you handle the temporary failure?

This is the most important question that you must answer first.

The process to achieve success is difficult you must have willing to keep working under high pressure and stress.

If you can handle the “heat” then you can succeed in life.

Don’t drop your weapon in the battlefield of life

Most people dream to live luxury life but when it comes to the hard work, they just ran away.

Such people are attached to their comfort zone and they never try/want to get out of it.

BTW, what is comfort zone?

When a person is addicted to a specific routine in life, it becomes their comfort zone where they feel safe and secure.

Their mind is frozen to that specific routine and resists any kind of change in it.

People with such mindset can’t achieve big things in life.

A great life requires hard work and high risk taking attitude.

People with high net worth have huge money because they do the high-risk work such as business.

“Entrepreneurship is no less than fighting a war.”

You know the secret?

Success never discriminates with people based on their skin color, gender, age, and qualification.

The success is open for everyone, which means that anyone can achieve it.

But not many people are aware of this fact. They think that rich and successful people are born one in a million.

They think that being rich is not their cup of tea. So, they spend whole life living in their comfort zone, just dreaming about a great life.

It’s a mindset game

What do you think the army personals are born or they’re made?

Look closely, and you’ll find that they’re made by hard training, which makes them the toughest humans of the earth.

They’re always ready for covert operations whether it’s day or night. They never make excuses because they know that there’s no work they can’t do.

It’s all about mindset they are trained to be mentally tough. They can even handle the physical pain just by using the power of their mind.

If you can adopt their habits through mental training then it won’t be difficult for you to achieve success anymore.

Train yourself to handle the “heat”

Focus on training yourself to become mentally tough.

Everything depends on your mindset.

“If you think you can do it or you think you can’t do it, you’re right.”

Watch your thought process closely. The repetition of “I’m mentally strong” can bring significant changes in your life.

People who take initiative to train their mind everyday are ahead of people who don’t.

Two options are available

First, take the risk and live in the un-comfort zone.

Second, stay in the comfort zone and kept dreaming.

Let’s talk about the first one, you can chose to take high risk and live in un-comfort zone.

This zone ensures that you get what you work for with the good attitude under high pressure.

But the disadvantage of this zone is that you won’t be comfortable at one point. You have to keep grinding everyday both mentally and a little physically.

The secret here is that once you’re attached to this kind of zone, it becomes the part of your life and you start enjoying it.

In that zone, you can fulfill all your dreams. You can become rich and happy.

Now, coming to the second zone.

In this zone, you will live comfortably but you can’t become rich and happy.

You probably have to face financial problems and more.

But you can live peacefully with your dreams.

What is risk?

Risk here means that you must be willing to work on things that are considered tough in the society for example: you can start your business.

In business, the salary for employee is fixed, the money to the supplier is fixed but there’s no guarantee of profit for you  and probably this is one of the biggest reason why so many people are happy doing job in corporations.

Business is a high risk and high reward game.

An entrepreneur operates in high-risk zone where he doesn’t know whether his business is going to succeed or not.

Such risks must be taken by only and only young people.


You can succeed in life if you can handle the heat.

Leaving your life on luck will give you nothing in return. But taking daily actions can probably lead to success.

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