Stress management: 7 new best ways to manage it

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Stress management is a process of managing stress in the most effective manner. It could never happen that a person is happy always.

Sometimes, I also feel stressed due people’s negative comment, work, and struggle.

Are you also feeling stressed? Are you looking for effective stress management techniques?

Here, I have shared some of the best practical advice that will help you manage your stress and improve your life.

After reading many books, and listening to many podcasts I have found that there are some basic and old (yet effective) principles that you are missing in the modern era.

And why not?

After all, you’re busy with your work and rarely get enough time to think about other activities.

You can easily manage your stress with these effective 7 tips I’m sharing in this post. So, let’s start our journey of stress management.

Stress management (infographic)

Check out the infographic below to get quick techniques of stress management.

manage your stress

1. Read, read and read

reading and stress management
Reading a good habit

I know you’ve already read this point in many posts on the internet. But have you ever tried reading books?

The biggest question is what is the role of books in stress management?

Well, a book plays major role in managing your stress.


Well, well before answering this question let me share sometime that most people ask me.

Which book should I read?

Just, pick any book that you think is awesome and start reading it. When reading the book you should try to imagine the scenes of the stories.  

Put yourself in the place of characters and let it flow in your blood. This technique will help you in reducing your blood pressure and stress level.

In this way, a book can help in managing your stress.

Lack of motivation is one of the major reasons that cause stress. We’re humans and it’s natural to feel disappointed and frustrated at some point in life.

I can guess that you have also searched for “How to stay motivated” on the internet.

I have the answer, “100 ways to motivate yourself” written by Weiser is the best book I have ever seen.

The author has shared 100 practical advice that will definitely help you to stay motivated in adverse situations.

Your motivation can also help to manage your stress effectively if not you won’t get any stress at all.

2. Hobbies and stress management

manage your stress with hobbies

I use my spare time in making drawing and paintings.

I love playing with colors I often try different combinations; it’s so much fun to do that.

Well, most people argue that their drawings are not good enough and they fear making one just because others will make fun of them.

Well, you should paint in a silent room, to let your imagination flow through your mind via hands on the canvas.

I’m trying to improve my drawing skills and this book is helping me a lot “how to draw a portrait”

My question is still the same. What’s your hobby, what do you do in your spare time?

Everybody has different hobbies and you should consider doing them in your spare time.

You may like playing guitar, writing poems, sketching, etc. these all fall under the creative activity.

Why you should do creative activity in your spare time?

 The following reasons can explain:

  1. You can feel good and experience happiness
  2. Your creative activity can improve your memory

If you claim that you have no hobby, try looking for things that make you happy and do them in your spare time.

It would help you a lot in managing your stress.

3. How often do you play?

playing can reduce your stress

Childhood is the best life stage among all because we are free to explore new things, play games, and much more.

After growing up, we won’t get enough time to spend outside playing various games that could lower the stress plus improve our physical health.

I know these days it’s not easy for you to play your favorite game outside, just because you’re carrying a tag of an “adult”.

Secondly, you have the fear of what people will say.

Let me tell you one thing, if you’ll listen to toxic people, you’ll ruin your life with your own hands.

Playing outside with is a fun activity that helps in:

  1. Increasing the level of oxygen in our body
  2. Develop our body and makes us physically strong.

If you’re still stuck in the dilemma whether you should play outside or not then I would like to share something.

Do you have watched any football match or any other match?

Who were playing in those matches?

I don’t think they were kids, they were adults who don’t care what the audience says about them, they just love the games they play.

Yeah, you might say that they receive money for that and you shouldn’t be getting any money for playing outside.

But my friend, you will be receiving something worth more than money which is: lower stress level and improved physical fitness.

You should create a weekly schedule for playing outdoor games, just as you prepare your working schedule.

4. Connect with your friends

friends can help in stress management

The widespread use of social media has made it easy for everyone to connect with their friends and share old memories.

Even video calling technology has made it possible to have face-to-face conversations.

But, but I’m not talking about social media connection.

Here I’m talking about In-person meetings with your friends and sharing your old memories.

In-person talking with your friends gives a feeling of satisfaction, happiness, etc. that helps in reducing your stress.

I have tried this method personally; even my friends and I have planned to play various games every weekend.

Sometimes we didn’t find time to play even at the weekend, but that’s okay for us. We manage for some other days.

In the lapse of time, I didn’t realize when my friends became my family.

The feeling of satisfaction is the best feeling in the world, and you can feel that too if you spare time to meet your friends every weekend.

5. Do your exercise everyday?

couples exercising

Some body: Oh, this heading is so boring man.

Me: Yeah, I know. But, I can’t do anything, it’s important and I have to share it.

Yes, my friend, you have to complete your exercise every day in the morning. It’s beneficial for your mind and body. You can’t deny it.

Give exercise a little space in your daily schedule.

Exercise every day will definitely help you in managing your stress and keeping you energetic.

Apart from physical development and stress management, exercise is also important for the following reason:

  1. It boosts your stamina
  2. It increases your productivity
  3. Which helps to finish your work efficiently before the deadline.
  4. Boosts confidence in you
  5. You feel happy

Thus, everyone should exercise every day to reap its benefits and it costs nothing except your time.

What’s your favorite song?

Me: Well, I don’t like songs much, but you seem to have great knowledge of songs.

Your favorite song can help you managing your stress effectively.

Try singing your favorite song when you feel stress. It will help you right away.

Even research shows that listening to your favorite song can improve your memory and enhance your problem-solving ability.

It also gives relief from stress and frustration.

Learn more about what’s the relation of music and your health.

6. Stress management with Meditation

thoughtful process
Mediation is the solution to almost all mental problems

 Meditation is a powerful tool that can help you improve your life with little to no effort.

Meditation is an old philosophy that has transferred from generation to generation.

It is very powerful that it not just improves your focus and concentration but also boosts your performance.

It keeps your mind silent and helps to think better so that you can take better decisions in life.

Okay, so next in the list is “Stress management”.

As I have told above meditation helps to keep your mind relaxed and silent which is a huge advantage that stops frustration and stress at the beginning.

You can learn here how to meditate.

7. Watch the thoughts you feed your mind

Stress management: 7 new best ways to manage it 1

The biggest reason for anxiety and stress are the thoughts that you feed your mind.

We suffer more in our mind than in reality

– unknown

You have to take control over your mind so that it’s you who decide what to enter your mind not others.

It’s important to filter what enters your mind but more important is to stops things that shouldn’t enter your mind.

Okay, so best thing is to learn “how to ignore people and thoughts”.

In The rudest book ever, Shewtab Gangwar has shared some of the best practical ideas that will help you free your mind from any garbage thought.

You must read this awesome book.

8. Spend time with loved ones

Your family can work as the stress reliever. Just spare time and spend it with them.

Tell them how you’re feeling and they will immediately help you and show their love to you.

They would try to do everything possible to make you happy. They may:

  1. Crack jokes
  2. Give you a hug
  3. May serve your favorite dish
  4. Dance with you
  5. Make fun with you
  6. They may even tickle you

Family is a goldmine for us and we should never ignore them for the sake of work because when we face trouble our family members are always there to stand with us and help.

Final words

Stress doesn’t cause due to external factors rather it grows inside and fortifies your mind that doesn’t let you finish your work on time, ruins your relationships, and much more.

However, with little practice, you can take control of your mind and choose what happens to your life.

Stress is natural and no one is safe from it, neither me. But you can always control it with some practical steps which I have discussed above in this post.


  1. What is stress management?

    Some techniques are used to manage stress and the process of managing/handling stress is called stress management.

  2. How to manage stress at home?

    The following would be helpful for you:
    1. Connect with your friends
    2. Mediation
    3. Go and play outside (Don’t think you old)
    4. Read books and keep yourself engaged.

  3. Is exercise helpful at stress management?

    Yes, exercise is helpful in managing your stress.

  4. How reading a book is helpful in reducing stress?

    A good book keeps you engaged, which diverts your mind into imagination – leaving your stress behind.

  5. What things can cause stress?

    Work, negative comments, comparison etc. can be the reason for stress.


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