7 easy steps to stress-free and happy life

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The people I admired cheated me. The work I’d started with hope to take it to the end never finished. I’m not very intelligent or smart.

I’m an average person who has stumbled many times sometimes by nature and sometimes by my own people.

But all these bad experiences have given me the most valuable lessons that even a book couldn’t give.

In the process, I’ve learned how to live stress-free and happy even if you’re surrounded by many negative people.

This is what I’m going to teach you in this post. Hold on tight and take your pen and notebook to jot down the important points so that you couldn’t forget them.

1. Ignore

When I was ditched for the first time in my life by one of my relative I learned the technique to ignore.

That day I learned that the world is not as I think. I’ve to be very careful when dealing with people because in today’s era no one is your relative and no one is your friend.

Everybody is looking ahead to fill their pockets by tearing yours.

The best way to deal with people is to ignore them as much as possible.

  1. Never give them your attention
  2. Don’t blindly follow any advice they give you
  3. Become selfish just to protect your dignity from such people (always help poor and needy people)
  4. Don’t be too attached to them, otherwise it would be difficult to get rid of them.

2. Your decisions have always been right

I’ve always took some decisions that at first seemed to be wrong but In the end, my decisions proved right.

You have to believe in the decision that you’re making today. In the long run they’re going to be right.

If you feel that someone is not good for you. Then, you are probably right, that person might not be good for you.

It may happen that the person is faking everything in front of you but his/her energy has told that truth that you have caught.

Hence, it would be better to stay away from such people.

3. Stay in touch with your loyal friends

Do you talk to your friends for no reason? Do you gave them your time for no reason? Or do you just call them in times of need?

Loyal friends are no less than gold, but only if you nourish your friendship.

I’ve found that when I spend time with my loyal friend, I feel very excited and cheerful.

I don’t what kind of positive energy they possess but I really feel very happy and satisfied when I hang around them.

Even if some days I don’t get the time to meet them, I just dial their number and talk to them for no reason.

One thing you have to do is to call your friend just to ask them about their health and other things going in their life.

You don’t necessarily need to call them only when you need them because such actions may deteriorate your friendship.

Above everything else, you should have deep love and respect for your loyal friends.

4. Grind consistently everyday

This one is very important because when you grind everyday for your goals, it gives you happiness more than anything else does.

Okay, so what does grind means?

It simply means to work for your goals everyday without caring about your results. You should have the enthusiasm for your work.

In simple sense, you should love what you do.

Action beats inaction, you have already heard that quote but have you applied it in your life?

Well, if not then start now.

Take small actions everyday and it will compound over time to create big impact in your both life and career.

Consistency is a magical tool that is available to everyone but a very few people use it to their advantage.

Why? It’s is a boring and non-entertaining task. Most people seek pleasure instead of satisfaction. People who know that satisfaction is the ultimate goal of anything you do – they spend their time wisely that contribute to their growth.

5. Always look forward

Time never stops for anyone it just looks forward.

Whether you procrastinate or become lazy, time don’t care about you and me. It only cares for people who care for it.

Everyone has their own past. Some people have enlighten memories of past and some people have miseries.

Whatever the case is you have to always look forward.

If you have bad experiences in the past learn from them and move on, don’t hold them as a burden for a life time because that burden won’t let you move on.

6. Read many books

Read as many books as you can.

On the eve of New Year 2022, I would highly recommend you to take an empty jar and fill it with paper for each book you finish.

In this way, you can see your live progress that will encourage you to do it more.

And knowledge is something that also compounds over time and can create big impact in your life.

A person with knowledge of various fields understands everything clearly.

He probably knows things that are good or bad for him.

Books are silent and lifeless but they give voice, life and power to those who read them.

7. Brainstorm and plan

Brainstorming is an act of pushing your brain’s boundary to think out of the box and develop the ability to be creative.

For planning, I would suggest you to just complete one goal in a day this is simple as that.

You don’t have to sell your soul everyday in order to complete many unimportant tasks that seems important.

Giving your focus to just one task in day, makes you stress free and happy. And remember their no deadline for your work.

You have to be passionate enough to complete your work before deadlines. Don’t work to meet your deadlines, work just because you enjoy it.

If you think your work is a burden and you’re doing it just for the sake of meeting your deadline then your future is in danger.

Please change your mindset and love what you do.

Final words

Stress-free and happiness both are directly proportional to each other, which that the more stress-free you, are the happier you would feel.

Don’t let people influence your life with their dirty thoughts.

You’re a unique gem who has to shine one day. Keep grinding and keep learning.


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