The thorn and the apple tree

The apple tree
The apple tree

Once upon a time, there was a dense forest at the end of a small town. The forest was habitat for many flora and fauna. There were two trees grown beside each other.

One of them was a tall, dense, apple tree. The other one was a thorny tree, its leaves were like needles.

The thorny tree was in front of the apple tree. The apple tree was very angry of him. Every day he says many abusive words to him.

However, the thorny tree never minds. He knew that his presence in apple tree’s life is for a reason. If he will not be here, the apple tree will die.

The people from the nearby town often travel through that path and they pluck the apples from the tree. The apple tree was bent to a level, which made it possible for a six years old boy to pluck its apples.

However, sometimes they hurt because of the thorny tree. The people too say abusive words to that tree.

Nevertheless, the people praise the apples of the apple tree.

One day, the convoy of a rich man was passing through the path. The Man saw the apple tree. He had heard a lot about his tasty apples.

Instead of ordering his armament, he went of his own to pluck some apples from the tree. However, he has faced the thorny tree before reaching the apple tree.

The man had confidence that he can do it without getting hurt. He raised his hand and grabbed an apple; he was trying hard to pluck it. Suddenly, the apple detached and his hand meets to a thorn and he hurt.

The man cried with pain and ordered his armament to cut the thorny tree. His armament brought the axe and cut the tree. The Man was happy to see it and he went away to his home.

When the people heard about this incident, they reached to the apple tree to pluck his apples. People filled bags of apples and went to their homes.

The apple tree was very happy because his enemy was dead. However, within few days, people discovered that the apple tree was dying. Its leaves were disappearing slowly. Its branches were breaking and disappearing day by day.

One day a small boy was passing through that path. He was shocked to see that the apple tree was lying on the ground. The boy went near him. He asked, “What happened to you?”

The tree said, “Some woodcutter have cut me down. The animals have eaten all my leaves. I don’t have enough time.”

Tears were rolling down of his eyes. The tree again said, “I have said many abusive words to the thorny tree. However, he was protecting me from woodcutters and animals. But I didn’t feel the importance of his presence in my life.”

With these last words, the tree closed his eyes forever. The boy cried a lot. This news spread in the whole town. When the rich man heard of this incident, he felt ashamed of what he had done in the past.

It happens in real life also. Sometimes we think that the presence of someone in our life is useless. However, we realise its importance when we lose him. Thus, we should respect each and everything we have in our life. Everything is present in our life for a reason.

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