Secret of my success

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It was 2:00 AM. He was working on his laptop. Everybody was sleeping in his family. His name was Yuri. There was not much space in his room. They had no house. They were living on lease.

In simple words, they were poor. However, Yuri was a brilliant child he always try to learn something innovative. He was aware of his present situation.

His aim was to achieve something great in his life. He always thinks of his family. Sometimes, he lost his control and locked himself in the bathroom, and cries a lot.

His father works as a labour in a small factory. His salary was not much that can bring meal for two times. Sometimes they have to sleep empty stomach.

Yuri and his brothers study in a school, which provide free education to poor children. Yuri had no friend. However, he enjoys himself and he never felt the need of friends.

Yuri was weak in study. His mind always struck in learning something that could improve their standard.

[Human is a social being. Yuri soon got a friend. His name was Mike. His father was a manager in the factory where Yuri’s father works.]

Mike study in a private school. He had a big bungalow. He was smarter than Yuri was. Mike was not Yuri’s true friend. He had made him friend just to tease him. Nevertheless, Yuri was unaware about it.

Mike Always, praise about his belongings, his residence and more. Yuri feels guilty of himself. One day, they were talking about their future. Mike Said, “I want to be a software engineer. I want a Luxury car and more.”


Yuri said, “I want to be a rich person. I want to earn a huge amount of money that could take me and my family out of poverty.”

Mike laughed, “Ha…Ha…Ha…! A boy like me, so smart, so intelligent, and brilliant wants to be a software engineer. A boy like you who is neither smart nor intelligent, dreams to be a rich person? How funny it is. Ha…Ha…Ha…!”

Yuri feels guilty. He said, “A friend always appreciates other friend.” Nevertheless, you’re not my true friend. I challenge you that I’ll become richer than you.”

Mike laughed again and accepted Yuri’s challenge. After that, they never met each other.

[Gradually, 10 years passed]

A boy came dancing with a letter. His parents were sitting in the Hall they asked, “Why you are dancing?” He said, “My dream has come true. See, this is my appointment letter. I have selected as a chief engineer in ABC Inc. Do you know what my pay is?”

His parents said in a single voice, “How much?”

The boy said, “1 million.”

His parents felt very happy. They were proud of his son. The boy was no one but Mike. They celebrated this event at the evening.

The next morning Mike got ready for the office. He took his own luxury car and went to the office. The staffs were looking very happy. There was a different kind of happiness on their faces.

Mike asked one of the staff members, “Why everybody is looking happy?”

The staff said, “Sir, CEO is going to visit here. We are happy to meet him.”

Mike thought, “How lucky I am. This is my first day. Moreover, I’m going to meet the CEO. It’s cool.” He smiled and went to his cabin. After two hours, the CEO arrived.

Everybody was ready to greet the CEO. Mike was in the front as he was the chief engineer. As he glimpse the CEO. He goes 10 years back and remembers all the incident happened between him and Yuri.

The CEO approached him. Mike said, “Welcome, Yuri sir.” Mike felt ashamed. The day passed. In the evening, mike was thinking about the incident happened in the office.

Suddenly, his doorbell rang. He opened the door and surprised to see Yuri. A lot of question aroused in his brain. He didn’t figure out what to do. However, he welcomed Yuri.

They both went on the terrace. Unexpectedly, Mike said, “Sorry!”

Yuri said, “Sorry, for what?”

Mike said, “I have made fun of your dreams. Please forgive me.”

Yuri said, “Oh come on. We are still friends. Just forgot that entire incident.”

Mike feels better. However, he said, “If you don’t mind can I ask you a question?”

Yuri nodded his head. Mike said, “You were not much smart and intelligent as me. How you made this INC?”

Yuri smiled and said, “My friend you needn’t to be smart to do great works. My secret of success is learning. Yes you heard right.”

Learning is not limited to school and college only. It’s a continuous process. Learning enhances our knowledge. Moreover, it develops our mind to think of better ideas. Successful people can give up their luxury cars and bungalow. Nevertheless, they’ll never give up learning.

They know that learning new things and their knowledge can bring everything back to them.    

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    1. I am inspired lot.
      Friend, yeah we stop learning after some time in your life and we loose our hopes on things.Too academic people do this but a successful people try to learn things after academics. Good inspirational story👌👌👌👏👏👏

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