My school days (An old memory)

Hello, guys. I have written a poem on school days. The best days of our life are school days. No one can forget those days. This poem may be emotional for some of you. Please go through the poem. Because, in the end, a question is waiting for you.  Oh! my school days.

poem on school days

Poem on school days begin:

The days I can’t forget were my school days.

Oh! My school days

I still remember when my friends and I used to play football matches. We always lose the matches. However, when we won, we celebrate it, as it was our first and last winning match.

Oh! My school days

I used to walk in a group. As we move further, it all appears to be a movie scene. However, my dream broke, when I saw my class teacher staring at me.

Oh! My school days

Every school has a teacher, who is loved by every student. Tears roll down of my eyes, when, I remember him.

Oh! My school days

Do you remember the lectures of history? Oh my God, it was so boring. Many times, I felt like to sleep.

I want that class back in my life. Ah! My school days

I remember when I hadn’t completed my homework. I was in fear, that teacher will punish me in front of the class.

I was shaking with fear, but when I reached the classroom, I found that no one has completed. HA! HA! HA!

Oh! My school days

Hey! Do you remember chemistry and physics? I hate these subjects. However, now, my mind wants to love these subjects.

I still remember the scolding of my teachers. I want them to scold me again and again.

Oh! My school days

I remember the group projects we had received. When my friends came to my home, we work less and enjoy more.

Oh! My school days

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I’m missing the most important thing. Do you remember the exam days? I used to study one day before the exam. He…he…he…

Oh! My school days

Those days aren’t going to come back again in my life. Many years have passed. Now, I have learned to enjoy my present.

But, The history of my school is still alive in the depth of my heart.

Oh! My school days.

 I hope you have enjoyed this “poem on school days”. As I have told above, here’s the question for you. 

Do you still remember your school days? Which fantastic moment has ever happened to you? Tell me in the comment.

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  1. Good trip down memory lane, I must say. In reference to this poem if I may be critique, I find no rhythm or poetic flow to the lines? Please see this as well intended? I am an analysts and by nature I look for the basic factors in any writing.

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