Inspirational story of a runner

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This Motivational story can change your life. You can expect burning motivation from this story.

Motivational story began:

Warren was born in a small town of Canada. He was very joyful child. He was the only child of his parents. Warren was more intelligent than the children of his age were. He learnt the new things easily.
His parents were happy to have a child like him. Everything was going fine. However, warren reduced his activities. He stopped playing and learning. He started spending his time lonely. When, his mom calls him. He didn’t went to her, because his leg have some glitch due to which he couldn’t stand properly.

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His parents worried and they went to see the doctor. Doctor conducted some test. The report came after one week. The report shocked everyone, because Warren had infection in his leg and he has lost his voice too.
His parents cried a lot. They hugged Warren. Warren knows everything. Few days passed. Warren has left his school and he used to stay at the home. He was alone and has no friends.

One-day Warren was standing near the window of his room. He was looking towards the children who were playing. Tears rolled down of his eyes. His eyes became red and bold.
He was alone and helpless. He closed his window. After dinner, he sat in the hall to watch T.V. to forget his pain. Unfortunately, the remote slipped of his hand and T.V. switched to a Sports channel.

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Athletes were running on the track. Warren was fond of racing. When he saw towards his legs, tears rolled down of his eyes. He had keen desire to participate in racing at national level. He promised himself that he could do it.

He got up early the next day. He tried to walk with the help of walls. His leg was paining; tear was rolling down of his eyes. His hand slipped and he falls on the floor.
He was injured and crying but no one heard his voice, because he had already lost his voice. Nevertheless, this pain wouldn’t stops him. He tried repeatedly for 10 years.

He was grown up; his parents came to know about his dream. They supported him for his work. He was now able to run very fast. He has made many changes in himself.
At last, the time came and he participated to run in national competition.  The participants were ready to go at the shot.

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Warren’s parents were sitting in the stadium and cheering him. The race started. The athletes ran for several meters. Unfortunately, Warren’s legs bend and he fall down. His body slipped for several meters.
The medicate team rush towards him. Warren’s eyes were red, tears were rolling down of his eyes. He saw his competitor rushing towards the finish point.

Everything slowed down for him. He remembers his childhood, his hard work. He gathered his power, stand and ran again. Tears were rolling down of his eyes.
Unfortunately, he again falls down. He was crying. He thought that his dream remained incomplete. His parents and friends rush towards him. They cheered him.

Warren didn’t understand why everyone is cheering on his fall down. He looked back and found that he was fallen beyond the finish line. He didn’t believe what he saw. He had won that race.

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