Rhyme: My Friend(s)

Rhyme on friendship. This rhyme can make your relationship stronger with your friends. Everybody have best friends. They meet frequently. However, their friendship come to an end when some silly mistake is done by anyone of  them. Nevertheless, this rhyme on friendship is different. Read further and explore.  

rhyme on friendship

Rhyme on friendship begins:

I have only few friends. However, they are so special.

I have spent a lot of time with them (only in school & college). They care for me.

The day I have been, absent from the school. They too take leave.

When I didn’t play during the games time. They too stand with me.

They are my friends. Who never leaves me alone.

Our school days were so fantastic. We have enjoyed a lot.

However, the day which was going to separate us was so tearful.

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We’re really different from others. We rarely visit each other’s home.

When, the distance between us increased. Our communication frequency reduced. I haven’t talked to him for many years.

He never told his secrets to me and I never told my secrets to him. However, we’re still good friend.

I don’t know what he is doing. Neither he knows what I am doing.

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[We’re not connected through social network. However, we’re still Good friends.]

In our school days, we have never fought with each other. Moreover, we’re totally different from each other.

However, we have same view towards friendship. We’re good friends.

He is going on his way and I’m on my own. Neither he can help me  nor I can help him.

Hopefully we both know that we’re going to meet each other one day, as successful.

That day will be the happiest day of our life. Because, we’re good friends and we’ll be forever.

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