Month: October 2018

Time waits for no one

burning time

He was lying on his bed. Tears were rolling down of his eyes. He thought that his dream remained unachieved. Moreover, He said, “If I had tried once, I might have achieved it. Now, it’s too late. I can’t achieve do anything now.” [Suddenly] Alarm clocked rang. He opened his eyes. Sweat was dropping off …

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Mad’s water

water and man image

Once Upon a time, there was a village. The people were so humanitarian and joyful. They had no short of anything. In the village, there lived a man who was not wealthy as much as other villagers were. His name was MAD. The village surrounds forest. It constantly receives rainfall; the village never face shortage …

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Rags to riches story

The story of a rich man

There was a city between the passages of the hills. There lived two boys. They were very diverse from each other. Morris’s father was a rich person. Morris often used to purchase new items every week. He always went to watch the latest movie with his friends. He was very happy his life was going …

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The wishing tree

Tree pic

There was a beautiful village. The people were so happy and kind. There was a weaver in that village, who was very famous for his work. People love the clothes he made. He was making a huge profit from it. He was proud on his loom. Unfortunately, one day his loom cracked and he got …

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The salt and the donkey

The donkey

Once upon a time, there was a washerman. He was very hard working. Picking clothes from different houses and taking it to the river and washing it was his daily routine. He had a donkey, who was very lazy and always create trouble for him. The washerman was a good man. But he often beat …

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