The blogging bird

The blogging bird courage story
The blogging bird

This courage story can change your life completely. A bird will tell you how to fight problems with courage.

Courage Story Began :

A bird was introvert. Her name was GreenBird. She was introvert, though she always helps other. She resides in a dense forest. He has not much friends.

She often works anonymously. Her family had father, mother, and two younger brothers. The bird has great dreams. She had keen desire to do something for her family.

Her father was diligent. He had gone through a lot of throbbing for his family. GreenBird often cries alone. Her father’s earnings weren’t much that could nourish his family.

Her father was still working hard to satisfy the need of his family.

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They had no accommodation of their own. They were living on lease.

GreenBird decided to run her own business. She searched on internet for some ideas. She found a brilliant idea of blogging.

There was a trouble; her father had no cash to support her. That’s why she didn’t tell it to her father. She started selling fruits to earn some money that could support her business.

In a week, she earned money that was enough to set up his website. She purchased hosting and created her website.

She began writing articles from day One. Few months passed but her website hadn’t received much traffic.

Less traffic means no money. She was making expenses on hosting. She was new in blogging and had no idea of what to do.

She searched for it on internet. She found one post that says to “Pay for advertisement, it will derive more traffic.”

The Next day GreenBird spends money in advertising. On the other hand, she was still writing useful posts.

Ten days passed, but her blog has only 10 views. The advertising didn’t work.

She was helpless, she had very little money left with her. She was already poor and her expenses on website, hosting, and advertisement has made her out of money.

She was frustrated. She had no hope left. She didn’t write post for next two weeks.

One day, she again searched for the blogging tips. There she found a heading “Connect with other bloggers.”

This heading encouraged her to start her blog again. She again spends money on hosting and started writing post.

She was now connecting to the bloggers who were writing about the same topic and were at the same level as she.

Within few days, she made many friends. They used to come to her blog read, like, and comment on her post. GreenBird visits to their blog also.

Together they had built a great network. Now her blog was getting a lot of traffic from worldwide, which increased her income.

She cried a lot, when she received her first cheque of payment. From that day she never turned back.

Her blog was making money, which was enough to fulfil all the requirements of her family.

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Her father was feeling proud on his daughter. He too engaged with her to help him.

Their life was full of struggle, but now the situation was different. They have money and a house of their own. They were living happily.

The GreenBird can’t forget the support the others made to her. She is thankful for them.


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