The boy who never gave up

A boy
The boy who never gave up

He opened the door of his bungalow and went near his sports car. He was very delighted because he was going to drive his dream car. He got inside and started his car. He adjusted the first gear and was about to drive. Nevertheless, he found his Maths teacher standing in front of his car.

He was shocked to see her. However, he came out of his car went to greet her teacher. Unexpectedly, his teacher slapped him on his cheeks.

He opened his eyes and found himself in the classroom. His Maths teacher was standing in front of him. The whole class was laughing on him. He felt ashamed. His teacher punished him for sleeping in the class.

He was 12 years old boy, studying in eight standards. His name was Paul. Paul was weak in studies. He always dreams of impossible things. Actually, he was very creative boy. He always tries to find different ways of doing any task.

However, no one was aware of his talent. He was a fool in the eyes of others. Paul had no interest in studies. He often spends his time in crazy experiments.

His parents, teachers, and relatives scold him for his experiments. Everybody advised him to keep his focus in study. His relatives often make comparison between Paul and their children.

However, Paul never mind and he kept experimenting. Nevertheless, he had made up his mind that he will prove everybody wrong.

One day, he abruptly thought of creating a gadget that can be fit into the head and fly people to their desired destination.

He started his work from day one. He searched a lot on internet but didn’t found much information. He thought that he would ask his physics teacher for some information.

He was very excited to ask his teacher. The next day, he went to school and in recess, he went to the staff room and asked his physics teacher, “Sir, I want to make a flying gadget that can make people travel from one place to another. I need some information. Will you help me?”

His teacher saw him and laughed, “Ha… ha… ha…! You fool. You can’t write the spelling of physics correctly and wanted to create a gadget. Go home and play with your doll. Ha…ha…ha…”

The whole staff and teachers laughed at him. Tears rolled down of his eyes. He was hurt badly. He ran away from school and went to his home. He locked himself in the room.

He didn’t had his dinner that night. The next morning he walked up early and engaged in making his gadget. After few hours, he went to school. After he came back from school without having his lunch, he worked on his project.

Gradually few years passed but Paul found no results. One day Paul was working on his project. He was delighted because he had found the solution of his problem.

He was about to join a wire. However, unexpectedly his mom came and said, “Son, please don’t work in low light. Change your room’s blub.” Paul said, “Yes, mom.”

Then he climbed on his chair, and took the bulb out of the holder. He was about to replace it with the new bulb. Unexpectedly, his chair moved and he slipped off and falls on his incomplete gadget.

He had a hard hit. He goes unconscious. His parents heard some voice, they both ran towards Paul’s room, and they found Paul lying unconscious on the floor.

They took him to the hospital.

Paul was all right now. He opened his eyes and found himself in the hospital. His parents were there. Paul found something different on his parents’ face they had grown old.

However, Paul ignored it. He asked his parents about his gadget. They said, “Son, your gadget was destroyed completely.”

Paul said, “Its okay I’ll make it again.” His mom said, “But, your father has retired from the job. We have no source of income left. You have got a job.”

Paul was shocked and said, “But, how it’s possible? Father was about to retired after 10 years. Why he has retired in two days.”

Tears rolled down of his mom’s eyes and she said, “Son, you’re in hospital since 20 years.”

Paul wide opened his eye and tears rolled down of his eyes. He had no options left. His dream was destroyed. However, Paul said, “Mom, please give me just 1 year. I want to work on my dream project. I can do it.”

They were in debt however his mom didn’t told anything to him and she agreed. When Paul was discharged from the hospital. He went to his home and locked in his room. He worked day and night for 11 months.

His parents were crushing under debt. However, they didn’t disturbed Paul. Paul had spent a lot of money on his project. He was missing something that’s why his gadget wasn’t working.

He went on his bed and falls asleep. He dreamed that he has completed his project and was about to test it. However, suddenly his gadget falls.

Paul waked up and felt relief. It was just a dream. He said, “It wasn’t just a dream, I have found the solution. Yes… Yes…!” He said to himself.

He immediately went near his gadget, made some changes, and joined a wire and miracle happened, his gadget’s propeller worked. Tears rolled of his eyes.

He took his gadget and went on terrace. He setup it on his head. He used the remote button. The propeller started. When he increased its power, his gadget was lifting him upwards. He was very happy.

He went to his parents using his gadget. His parents were happy to see that their son had made it alone. Tears rolled down of their eyes.

[10 years later…]

He was reading newspaper, which reads, “This man had completely changed the mode of transportation.” He put the newspaper down and went near the door.

He opened the door of his bungalow and went near his sports car. He was very delighted because he was going to drive his dream car. He got inside and started his car. This time He didn’t found his math’s teacher standing in front of his car.

Because it wasn’t a dream it was truth. The man was no one but Paul CEO of Modern transportation Inc.

Only one person is enough to change the world. If you have big goals. You’ll achieve them no matter what happened. Problems are everywhere. But sometime life hit in such a was that we ain’t able to stand up again. However, those who stands again, do the extraordinary things in life. They not just change their own life but of the whole society. 

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