The Answer sheet

The answer sheet
The Answer sheet

The teacher was announcing the English result. Rosey was trembling with fear, because she knew that she hasn’t performed well in the Exam. The teacher was very angry on her

and said, “Your performance is very bad”.

Rosey had got ‘F’ Grade in the exam and tears rolled from her eyes. On the way back to home, She was thinking that how she’ll face her mom. The teacher had told the students to get the paper signed by their parents. Rosey was in fear. When she reached home. She locked herself in the room. She thought that if she’ll tore the paper and hide it, then mom will not came to know about her Grades. She did the same. But, She hasn’t slept for the whole night

and was thinking that, “What she has done?”.

In the morning, she immediately got the pieces of the exam paper and paste it on a paper. After that she immediately ran towards her mom and was crying. She hold her mom tightly and told everything she did.

Her mom said, “It’s okay! Do your best next time”.

Rosey accepted her mistake and worked hard and In the next exam She got ‘A+’. Now she was happy.


Moral of the story

It’s okay if you have failed in life. Don’t run away from it. Accept and learn from it. So, that you can’t repeat it in the future.

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