The clever fox

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The clever fox

One day a Lion entered into a dense forest. He was very hungry and was ready to hunt the animals. On his way he suddenly saw a fox who was coming towards him. The lion immediately pounced on the fox to hunt him. The lion grabbed the fox.

And, the fox said, “I’m the king of the forest. You can’t hunt me. Let me go now”.

The lion was thinking that, “This, fox is neither so strong nor looks like a king”.

When the lion was in deep thought. The fox got an idea to get rid of the lion. And again
The fox said,”If you don’t believe come and follow me. I’ll show you how the animals of this forest afraid of me”.

The fox’s face was not looking scared. The lion thought for a moment. Then he agreed but, he put a condition, that the fox will walk in front of him and he will follow him. The fox agreed. Now the fox started walking and the lion was following him. The lion was ready to pounce on the fox, if he’ll try to escape. When they were going through the forest. The animals saw that the lion is coming and they all started running in various directions. And then the fox said, “See, all the animals afraid of me”.

Now, the lion understand that the fox is real king of the forest and he went without hunting.


Moral of the story

Never afraid of problems. You can defeat all the problems by using your mind.

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