The story of success in a day

A long time ago, there was a town. There lived two boys. Mandy and Sandy, they were hungry for success. Both have made up their mind that they’ll achieve success one day.

However, both of them were diverse from each other. Mandy was impatience, he wants the immediate outcome of the work he does.

However, when he doesn’t get desired outcome, he often get frustrated.

Nevertheless, Sandy works with patients. He was hard working. However, he meets to failure more than Mandy.

They both worked for a few months on their dreams. Mandy got the achievement. He was looking for a new opportunity. Thus, he went to a big city.

However, Sandy stayed there and he was still not successful. He was still getting a failure.

At last, he decided to leave his town and went to some other town to seek a new opportunity. After a few months of hard work, when Mandy didn’t get the desired results he gave up.

However, he got a respectable job in a company. The company’s name was in news these days.

That company was providing a good atmosphere for their employees. Mandy was very happy. He thought that “It was good for me that I gave up my work.

Now I’m very happy. But where is Sandy?” Few days passed in working for that company. One day, a business meeting held with the CEO of that company.

Mandy was very excited to meet him. The meeting started and the CEO entered the room.

Mandy was astonished to see that the CEO was his old friend Sandy. Mandy was feeling embarrassed.

After the meeting was over, Mandy stayed there and he asked Sandy, “Sir, How you got up to this level? I think you got more failure than me.”

The CEO (Sandy) replied, “My friend, you are right. You have achieved more than I have. Nevertheless, you have expected the immediate outcomes of the work you do. However, it’s not possible to do so.”

Sandy continued… “Good results take time. You have to keep working on it. Success is can’t be achieved in a day. You have to expect your failure and learn from them.

So, when you try your hands again in that work you have the required knowledge, does so.”

By Newtan

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