12 proven ways to stay motivated in your life

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I have shared 12 exclusive tips that will help you stay motivated in your life and complete your desires.

1.     Keep in mind the “WHY?”

When you feel overwhelmed or feel like to quit your work, do remember why you have started.

Think about your family and friends.

Think about the people who are supporting you. They want to see you as successful. You can’t break their trust.

Just keep going.

2.     Take one-step at a time.

Divide your big goals into small chunks. Make a list of yearly, monthly, and daily goals that you want to achieve.

Just focus on daily goals and forget the rest two.

Do remember that you have only 24 hours. You have to make full utilization of it.

The more you’ll achieve in these 24 hours, the more you can achieve your long-term goals.

Just take one goal and complete it without distractions after that jump on another. It will keep you motivated.

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3.     Avoid distractions when you’re working.

12 proven ways to stay motivated in your life 1

Distractions are the biggest enemies because they won’t let you finish your important work, which leads to lower motivation.

Your smartphone is the biggest distraction.

Keep it switched off when you’re working or at least keep its notifications off.

People are the next biggest distraction that could hinder your performance, if possible, block all connections with them that includes reserving yourself a private room for work.

Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World, written by Cal Newport, is the best book that can help you in this distracted world.

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4.     Search motivation in small things

Explore your surrounding motivation is everywhere.

You can easily find motivation, such as:

  • Being grateful for what you have but your neighbor’s don’t
  • Think about the poor people in your country.
  • Look at the people who have scare resources.
  • Even you can think that you have a lot of knowledge that most people don’t

All the above things will keep you motivated and will push you to do more and achieve more.

5.     Read books related to your goals.

12 proven ways to stay motivated in your life 2

Make reading a habit because you can learn a lot from books.

Read books about successful, wealthy, and good people who have contributed their life to improve this world.

The next good book you should read is 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself, Change Your Life Forever.

The author is Steve Chandler.

This book will teach you 100 ways to keep yourself motivated in life.

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6.     Create a belief system for you

12 proven ways to stay motivated in your life 3

A strong belief can keep you motivated in your journey.

You have to believe in something that you’ve been doing since you were a child.

That one thing is hard work. You have to believe in hard work.

Create a belief system around hard work that you can get everything by working hard.

Alternatively, you can create some other beliefs such as:

  • Working in a particular room keeps you motivated.
  • Doing some rituals can increase your motivation

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7.     Create a burning desire for your goals

Create a burning desire for your goals.

Write your goals in your journal and believe in them. Think about the results.

What will happen if you achieve these goals? What things will change for you? How will it affect your relationships?

Think and grow rich talks in-depth about the burning desire. The author is Napoleon Hills.

8.     Mentally prepare yourself

12 proven ways to stay motivated in your life 4

A powerful mind can help you fight with adverse circumstances.

Prepare your mind in advance for uncertainty. You can imagine every worst possible situation that could badly affect your life.

Doing so will keep you motivated and prepares you for the future in advance.

Negative thoughts about the future can help you become more positive and ease your life.

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9.     Connect with goal-oriented people

Goal-oriented people can keep you motivated because they always talk positively and appreciate each other.

10.Think yourself as a leader

Think yourself as a leader even when you have no team.

You should always think, “A leader should stay motivated so that he can become an inspiration for others.”

11.Improve your environment

Your environment affects your mood. In short, it can make you or break you.

  • Put some effort and make your working place neat and clean.
  • Use minimal things around your working place.

People are also part of your environment. Keep yourself away from negative people and don’t let them enter your working place.

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12.Keep motivational things around your working place.

how to stay motivated

You can hang some motivational quotes or pictures around your working place.

I keep the wristwatch gifted by my best friends to stay motivated during working hours.

You can:

  • Keep things gifted by your loved ones.
  • Keep the picture of your family.
  • And so on.

These 12 tips will surely help you stay motivated in your life.


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