How to stay focused on your goals?

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You have goals, I have goals, and every single person has goals. Why very few people are able to accomplish their goals? What’s the reason behind it?

Well, the reason is simple “they’re focused on their goals.” Unless you stay focused on your goals, you’re less likely to accomplish it.

Your goals define your future and you should accomplish them at any cost. In this post, we’ll discover the 10 ways to stay focused on your goals.

Forget about your awful past and start a new life

It’s is never too late to start a new life. The moment you realize it, your new life begins.

Time is never the same, it keeps turning, and it’s not a good choice to stay at the same place for long.

What does it take to start a new life?

Your mindset is needed to kick-start a new life. Change your mindset and it will change your life.

Time is considered as the great healer, get yourself busy in some productive stuff and you’ll end up in a new life.

I know some moments are unforgettable, but what about your future life? It’s eagerly waiting to hold your hands and take you to the new heights.

 Heartbreaks, rejections, and stress are part of life, and life itself don’t care about it. Life keeps going on and it demands you to do the same.

What are the ways to stay focused?

The following points will tell you the best ways to stay focused.

Plan intelligently to stay focused on your goals

stay focused on your goals

If you have now recovered yourself from the past, then sit down at your table and plan. Do not just plan, feel it because your feelings are powerful.

Planning is a great way to stay focused on your goals. It will keep you on track and you’ll never lose your path.

How to plan in a better way?

It would become easy for you to make any plan if you understand the basics of it. So, let’s see how to make a plan.

  1. First, you need to know where you stand in life right now. It’s important that’s when you’ll take action to improve your life and stay focused on your goals.
  2. Have a proper vision of the future such as where you want to go, what you want, how much money to want to earn, your lifestyle, what level of success you want, etc.

Recommended book: Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence

  • Don’t just think; write it down in your journal. Writing a journal daily lays a positive impact on your brain. It tends to think that you’re serious about it.
  • The central point starts here: Write down your plans and divide them into three categories.
    • short term goals (time range: 1 to 3 months)
    • Intermediate goals (time range: 6 months to 12 months)
    • Long term goals (12 months to 5 years)
  • Short term goals can be further divided into
    • Weekly goals
    • Daily goals
  • See, I’m covering in-depth aspects because it’s base and it should be strong.
  • Next, you have to decide how much time you’ll give each task daily, it totally depends on you.

I think you have understood the basics of planning. Now it’s time to take action because, without actions, you’ll end up nowhere in life.

Give yourself rewards on task completion

Your actions make everything possible. How to take action and complete your goals? The best way is to give yourself a reward for each task you complete.

Yes, you heard it right to give yourself rewards. The reward may be anything from food to entertainment.

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 You may have seen many companies pay salaries plus $$/task. Why they do so? It’s because their employees will keep working for the rewards.

However, in your case the employer and employee both are you. Thus, you need to be disciplined and follow the rules strictly.

Claim your rewards only when you finish your work.

Remember, feelings are temporary

stay focused on your goals

Your feelings hold you back. Remember, feelings are temporary either it’s or bad, it won’t last for a longer time.

Use your brain or your feeling will dump your goals forever. The feeling is energy, if you could carry it to your brain, it will give out the best in you.

However, if you still want your feelings to be with you just attach it to your goals and see what outcomes you got.

Your temporary happy and sad feelings lead to procrastination, which is the ultimate time killer.

Recommended book: Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World

How to control your brain?

Meditation is the best solution to mental distraction. Meditation keeps your body in control and helps to retain your precious energy that could be used to accomplish your goals. 

Forget about girls and think about your parents, and girls do the same

Whether you’re a girl or a boy, just forget about the opposite gender unless you achieve your goals.

The attraction is natural but it can cause destruction to your life, especially if you’re in your struggle stage.

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Don’t run before the opposite gender, stay focused on your goals. Think about your parents, they have given birth not to see you begging people to stay in your life.

Parent’s love is unconditional and they’ll always be there to help you. It’s your responsibility to keep them happy.

Your parents don’t need your money they need you.

Focus on small achievements rather than big failures

stay focused on your goals

A small positive thought is enough to fill your whole day with happiness. You should focus on small achievements rather than a big failure.

See, failure is the part of the process, failure is important, as it will teach you new methods and techniques to move one-step towards your success.

How you can enjoy small achievements?

First, you need to divide your work into smaller tasks. Small tasks are easily achievable.

I know small things never excite us; we always look for some big miracles though it’s not possible. Small things add up to create big things.

If you can’t enjoy small moments, just give a smile to it and move on, soon you’ll be enjoying your moments.

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Move step by step, don’t try to get everything done at once

Your goals should be your life and life isn’t live at once, it keeps going until death. Your work is similar to it.

Imagine if you get everything for just one day, and will be taken away from the next for whole life, how would you feel?

Frustrated, right? Then why do you want everything right now? Move step by step and you’ll get everything as you move on.

Don’t think about results, think about your work, stay focused on your goals and do it.

Visualize the lifestyle you’ll have in future

Most people never visualize their dreams, they just work, work and work. Visualization is very powerful if you know how to use it.

The best time to visualize your dream is 5 minutes just before you sleep. It will fill the mind with that positive energy and you’ll wake up with new energy in your body.

Visualization is helpful in two ways:

  1. It will develop new energy in you.
  2. Keeps you focused on your goals.

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Look at the poor people

If you’re losing your focus on work, just look at the poor people, look at their living conditions, it will remind you that how lucky you’re to have everything that makes your life easy and comfortable.

It will also help you to gain focus in your work. Get motivation from them, and promise yourself that you’ll work with focus and will change your life and theirs as well.

Enjoy the process and focus on goals

Success is not a one-time work, but a process that will go on, and you need to enjoy the process. Keep the focus on goals and don’t let anyone distract your mind from it.

Love the process, hard work you’re doing today because later you’re going to miss it. Thoughts of your destination will take you nowhere, it’s because it causes stress and it stops you from doing work.

However, if you’ll love your work there’s at least one chance that you’ll succeed. Relax, it takes time, enjoys it and keeps moving.


If you have strong reasons, then you don’t need an article for motivation, you will stay focus on goals. See, it’s easy to stay focused on your goals you need the mindset to make it happen.

It’s better to fail than to think. You have to work your ass off because it is the only way to succeed in life.

Take motivation from every small thing that you see around, real-life examples are more powerful than theory.

Stay focused on your goals and make them true.

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